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Re: BT Bill explainer - What do you think?

Does **** all of explaining. It should be named a bill reader instead of explainer.


Most people can read their bill, they just have no idea why they are being refunded their line rental saver paid in advance, then re-charged at the higher price.


It doesn't explain why there's a sudden jump in the prices. There are a few ways it could inform customers such as letting them know the bill is more because they might have changed their billing date and therefore they are being charged for a longer duration than 1 month, but overall the prices adjusted equal the same as the monthly price.


I've just had my LRS credited back and the price is now included in the Broadband charges and I've spent the past 2 hours trying to see where the extra charges have come from.


Really boils my blood having to deal with **** like this.

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Re: BT Bill explainer - What do you think?

Well, I'm glad I'm not alone in having difficulties understanding these bills! They are so confiluted and unclear. I wonder is it done on purpose by BT, hoping we'll all just go away and accept what is printed rather than understanding it?
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Re: BT Bill explainer - What do you think?

I think it’s the biggest pile of faecal matter I’ve seen in a long time!


If I were running BT, I’d fire the twit who came up with this, right along with everyone responsible for the way your billing system works now.


Your smoke and mirror bills are utter, utter tripe.

They are designed to do one thing, obfuscate what the customer is being charged for.

And the only logical reason for doing that is to con your customers!


You’re not even competitive.


I can get a contract free line rental and 1 Gigabit internet for the same monthly price your charging me for Infinity 2.


Which, on reflection is exactly what I'm going to do.


Shame on you BT, shame on you!

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Re: BT Bill explainer - What do you think?

It sad to admit it but BT has had an unreadable bill for the best part of 30 years and they have spent a huge amount of money in tryin gto explain them and it seems that its never going to change. A part of the reason for people like me especially is that I never pay the headline price. Year on year I hold them to ransom and refuse to pay more than a new user or another company's competetive rates.


I negotiated a fixed price for my last 18 month contract - it was good as I got an email offering a good deal as well. So in essence I got a discount on the normal price but in fact it was dealt to me as £20 a month. So on the bill its detailed as £32 month with a discount of £12. Now until the prices change its difficult to undertstand this methodology but its easier to give you what seemed like a fixed deal price for 18 months and then increase it halfway through.


The other problem is that when I worked for BT many of the systems that were used were a hotch potch of systems joined to gether. Every few years the company would have a rework of systems - we can do this attitude and all that - everyone would draw pretty pictures and huff and puff about new wprld class sytems etc. They would run arround like headless chickens trying to get the new systems working and lo and behold they don't intereact quite as designed etc. New things would be added old things would be unfinished/reworked etc. The along comes a new approach - agile development etc - basically nothing gets tested just reqaleased and it gets worse but at least we can now access this stuff on the web - never mind its still not connected properly at least we have released it.


etc, etc, etc


Oops I forgot that the documnetation never gets done as agile seemed to have forgot that there are people who need to understand how it works when the original developers have long gone. Did anyone never wonder why no one ever releases a manual that helps you to get ithe job done.


Blah, Blah, Blah


I notice btw that this survey/comment thread has many comments but no update from the initial people wanting the comments. 


/GetitOffMychest OFF/


BTW I left BT over 10 years ago but nothing seems to have changed that much - still battling the bill confusion 😉


edit: I never was very good at typing ...

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Re: BT Bill explainer - What do you think?

The billing system used by BT is antiquated, it needs to be updated and simplified.


I rejoined BT a couple of years ago when my ISP withdrew their services from the local exchange.


My BT bill appears to be the same format as that used in 1980.





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Re: BT Bill explainer - What do you think?

@SeanD - would you care to update us with what you did with the feedback you received and what has consequently happened to the "Bill Explainer"?


I know there are some on this forum who hate "old threads" being posted to, but as this was started by BT I think it's reasonable for BT to close the loop.

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Re: BT Bill explainer - What do you think?

I think they made changes to the web tools etc and made it worse 😉


I find it harder and harder to see what they are doing with recent calls etc on my lowly desktop pc just seems to have a life of its own and everytime I go back its changed from the last time I give up. Bit defeatist I know but hey I did work with them, sorry for them, for over 35 years and couldn't get it changed from within its a safe bet that It won't change based on what we think.


I have every confidence that Sean and the guys on here would like to think they can change it but its probably too interested in other things at the moment. My shares are taken a hell of a battering its a good job I don;t want to sell up at the moment 😉

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Re: BT Bill explainer - What do you think?

Each bill should have a monthly breakdown of line rental and services, I receive my bills, (not in a contract) but I am not informed of what I am paying for line rental nor broadband infinity 2.
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