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BT Billing issue:

Hope this makes sense it all started back in December 2012 we had a fault on our socket,the engineer came out changed the faceplate he had changed it. month later i noticed on the bill there was a £99 pound charge to say it was our faults i agreed to pay it but as i cant afford the full amount at the time i spread the costs the women setup a payment plan and changed my direct debit to monthly,my mother is disabled and my dad has to look after her 24/7 so I'm the only one paying the bills as they cant afford much,i agreed to pay £86.50 a month to cover broadband and telephone and phone costs and part of the £99 charge,at the end of may my bank cancelled all my direct debits and BT several times tried to take out £86.50 but the bank tell me until i had to log onto Internet banking i called BT to rearrange setting up payment plan and it was all setups in June as i was about to get paid i noticed my bank didn't have bt direct debit setup so i called them to ask what's going on? The person i called didn't take my details down correctly as the system had crashed or something so i had rearranged my details again with come July last week i got a call to say that i owe £234 between January - may i had paid £173 pounds from may - July i have made several complaints no response and several phone calls on Sunday this weekend just gone,i spoke to a customer services and got a ref number to make sure.come this morning my dad tried to make an emergency call the phone was terminated I was on the phone to this rude lady who was demanding that I pay the full balance which I said to her i setup a direct debit and payment plan and i was willing to pay £50 she started getting aggressive with me so i cut her off and i made a complaint,within next two hours i got a phone call from a lady who else said i had to make the full payment as she didn't have the full control to override it to set it up and i offered to her bit more of £80 to cut the bill down and she still refused it.BT are rude and endless trouble since Decembers can someone willing to help me please stressed I'm trying to be a good son for my parents so they can enjoy life without having any more stressing willing to sort something till look forward to hear from you. Thank you.

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Re: BT Billing issue:

Try a live chat to see if they can help you


If they are unable to help try contacting the forum moderators. They are a UK based BT team and may be able to help. They can take upto three working days to reply.


Contact them on this link