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BT Blocking Access to a Website / IP Address



I was wondering if someone might be able to help me...


For some reason, and from out of the blue, i can no longer access the website


When I try to access it a get a page served up by


Quoting all sorts of stuff about BT's Acceptable Usage Policy.


I can access any other site i want to but this domain ip address is being blocked for some reason.


I have called the help desk but the indian lady on the phone kept going on about usage policy. I explained clearly that this is NOT about usage it's quoting about Acceptable Use


Why has BT decided to block this site and this site only. It's only a taxi fare calculator - nothing bad or anything.


Any ideas how to get this sorted out please?





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Re: BT Blocking Access to a Website / IP Address

tried your link and it works for me

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Re: BT Blocking Access to a Website / IP Address

Some one else mentioned that IP addresses can go stale and suggested that you go to your homehub home page - - and disconnect your broadband, wait a few minutes and then reconnect. This will give you a new external IP address and the website may work.
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Re: BT Blocking Access to a Website / IP Address

How strange. You are having trouble accessing a site registered since 17th May 2007 to one Trevor Daniel, and that happens to be your name too! Isn't it a small world? What are the chances of that happening - or is it some cynical ploy to publicise your own site?