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BT Box I am sure is faulty but getting nowhere

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I have a problem on my BT vision box in that it keeps losing connection to any of the HD or premium channels. Sometimes for a few seconds and sometimes fully for a while. I have been onto support a few times but they run through the tests and say they have reset the channel and it works for a day and then starts doing it again. I have replaced the powerline adaptors and all cables but still doing it.  Impossible now to set anything to record and watching anything like a live football game can be frustrating to say the least.

I am sure it is the box itself but how do I go about getting a replacement without going through the same thing over and over. Used to work for BT way back and I am an IT professional so I know how to test things.

No issues with any other devices I am using (FireTV for example) so I think it is the box and seems to have started doing this since an update a while back.

Been with BT for many years but starting to think about a switch

Help please!!

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Re: BT Box I am sure is faulty but getting nowhere

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Bought a Tp-link nano router and set it to client mode so it connects wirelesly to the BT hub. Then connected the vision box to the the ethernet port on it and all of my issues solved instantly and no wires across the room needed. Looks like it is issues with the home hub ethernet port. 

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