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BT Broadband Extender Flex 1000 - real life data speed

Hi there


I have Infinity 2 and a 75mbps down speed which is pretty stable. I have a BT TV Ultra HD box on a different floor in my house to the Hub 5. I'm aware it's not officially supported by BT, but I've had them connected with the BT Broadband Extender Flex 1000.


The data light on both home plugs is blue, which the user guide unhelpfully describes as 'high speed connection'.

1080p channels work perfectly, but the BT Sport UHD channel stutters and breaks up and isn't watchable.

I understand that UHD streaming needs a connection in the region of 30mbps - the theoretical maximum of the home plugs is 1000mbps, and the status light indicates high speed, so I find it hard to believe that a home plug connection of less than 30mbps could be regarded as high speed - just 3% of the theoretical maximum!


Am I missing something?

Does anyone know of the actual throughput of the extender home plugs in the red/amber/blue data light states?




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Re: BT Broadband Extender Flex 1000 - real life data speed

I may have a partial answer to this. A broadband speed test (with the blue data lights on) shows 70+Mbps download speeds and 18+Mbps upload speeds on both a Windows laptop and an Apple iMac. However, there may be more complex factors at work.


Web browsing on the iMac could be incredibly slow, with response times in the tens of seconds and sometimes a few minutes. The Windows laptop had completely normal web response times when plugged into the same patch lead. Plugging my iMac directly into my BT Smart Hub gave near identical (to the Broadband Extender) downoad and upload speeds and the expected web response times. I have just changed the Ethernet hardware settings on the Mac from full-duplex, flow control, energy-efficient-ethernet to simply full-duplex. Download and upload speeds (through the Broadband Extender) are little changed, but web browsing now seems to be near normal. My experience is based on limited tests of something that is not wholly consistent in behaviour, but at least it has got my hopes up.

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