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BT Broadband/Infinity when moving home

Good evening, 

Not sure if this is the correct place to ask, so sorry if not. 

I bought unlimited BT Infinity back in 2013, an engineer came round and installed it, everything was perfect for a year or so. Ive moved a little while back and called BT to change my address etc, an engineer came and activated my line. My new home wasnt suitable for fiber optic so I had to make do with normal broadband.


I didnt think to check at the time but Should I have payed less for my broadband when I moved? Or will I still be expected to pay the BT Infinty rate, as thats what I signed up to?

Also since moving my connection is so bad, I have to reset my router atleast 4 or 5 times a day, somtimes more. ( Theres nothing worse than just getting comfortable with Netflix/Prime on and the connection goes...)I never had this problem before. Looks like I have a BT homehub 3. Do you think upgrading my homehub would help? How much would it cost me to buy the latest homehub?

A quick google search and it seems like the connection dropping a a router reset seems really common so I would hate to shell out for a new hub and get nowhere! ( I get a "DNS probe not started" error)

Many thanks 

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Re: BT Broadband/Infinity when moving home

If you are thinking of the new Smart Hub (Hub6), then they have a reputation of being really flaky.  Perhaps one day they will fix the firmware and it might turn into a decent router.  Old Hub4 or Hub5's can be picked up really cheap second-hand (mine was £10).  But they will cost rather more brand-new from the BT shop.


Have you done all the checks on your phone line yet?  A bad phone line will ruin the broadband performance.

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Re: BT Broadband/Infinity when moving home

If BT could not provide Infinity at the new house, then you should have been charged the normal broadband rate, however, if you were on a discounted rate for BT Infinity, that could work out less than normal broadband in some cases.


Were you still in contract for BT Infinity when you moved? If so, how long is left on the contract?


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Re: BT Broadband/Infinity when moving home

@ashb182 You'll be paying an new rate for standard broadband, you should have been informed of this when you ordered and an email is normally sent confirming the new charges at this point. You can check the package details if you login to MyBT. Alternatively the billing helpdesk can be contacted on this link and they'll be able to clarify this for you.


If you post your router stats in the ADSL section of the forum we'll be happy to help with the connection problems you're having.

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