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BT Broadband Issue


I've been having trouble with my broadband for about a month now, it's been really slow across all of my platforms (mobiles, laptop, etc). As I'm currently working from home due to lockdown it's been a major issue for me!

I've checked the service status and it confirms that there is a problem in my area (doesn't state what it is though!); which started the end of last month and says the expected completion date will be next week. Which is a full month of really poor service levels! I've not had any confirmation of this from BT themselves, I've had to find this info out myself. I've tried ringing them but I've been in the queue for nearly half an hour and 'live chat' is disabled currently.

Does anyone know how I can find out anymore about the issue and whether I will receive any compensation for my lack of service? I've only had BT about 7/8 months and it's the second time I've had major disruption to my services!

Thanks for your help




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