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BT Broadband Option 1 - Behind the Times?



I am currently a BT Option 1 customer. The reason why I am creating this post is to put a case forward to BT customer support for a need to review the specifications of the BT Broadband Option 1 product.


I have many times spoken with customer support in India but they have told me that they are only have a third party relationship with BT. Thus, any suggestions for ways to improve the products put to them by customers falls on deaf ears.


My concern with the BT products is the fair usage policy, the pricing and also the current roll out of the 'super fast' broadband.


My first point is regarding the fair usage policy. When 10Gb was first set as the download limit for the BT Option 1 package there was very little streaming media that could be accessed on the Internet. What I mean by streaming media is youtube,  BBC iplayer etc. Also much of the content that we access now is generated by casual users who have little consideration for file size. Also console gaming was considerably less popular. All of what I have listed in this paragraph are the most popular uses for the Internet and all of them use a considerable amount of bandwidth.


You could argue that there are a lot of customers 60+ who just want a connection to view a few forums, shop online or answer some email. This makes Option 1 ideal for them but with the BBC and ITV continually advertising catch up TV, more over sixties are asking about this service. As we all know catch up TV consumes large amounts of bandwidth.


For how long has the bar been set for Option 1 at 10GB, six maybe seven  years? Technology has moved on.


The second point I am going to make is in regards to pricing. I strongly believe that the BT pricing of the broadband products is too high. I am lead to believe the cheapest a well established BT customer can have the Option 1 product for is £12.99. If Option 1 customers are using more than their 10GB monthly usage allowance it is suggested by the BT Sales Team that they upgrade to Option 2. Option 2 is priced at £17.99 for the 40GB usage allowance.


Why is it SKY can offer UNLIMITED  usage for only £12.50 ?


I have friends in mainland Europe and they laughing at how much BT charges and they are also laughing at the fair usage policy. I have become tired of telling my friends that I cannot join them for an online game because I've only got 900MB to go before I go over my limit.


My final point is regarding the super fast broadband roll out. Is is not obvious that the areas that receive the most votes will be the areas most highly populated? Why vote?


When my BT contract expires in March 2011 I will be moving over to SKY unless BT increase the usage allowance on the Option 1 product. Why ever would anyone during hard economic times move to Option 2 when they can switch  to  a product with another company with greater value for money and half the price?


Please do not jump to conclusions in regards to why I have created this post. I am not looking for money off, a free service, special treatment and I dont work for SKY! All I am asking for is BT to re-evaluate Option 1 and take more notice of what their customers are using the Internet for.


Thank you for taking the time to read my post.


Kind regards,






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Re: BT Broadband Option 1 - Behind the Times?

I believe BT price structure is dictaed by Ofcom and Government whereas Sky and thier ilk have their own equipment in exchanges and can charge what they like, except BT phoneline rental still has to be paid for seperately.
So with Sky you might get £12.50 package but you still have to pay BT's Line renatl charges of about£13.00 a month. Total is then apx £25.50, still cheaper than BT option 3 though.

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Re: BT Broadband Option 1 - Behind the Times?

also isps like sky and virgin can subsidises broadband from there tv subscription business over priced services in my opinion
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Re: BT Broadband Option 1 - Behind the Times?

Things have moved on over the past couple of years, and a very simple solution now exists.


Have a look at another ISP


I'm moving to Plusnet as soon as my BT Option 1 contract is up for renewal.



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