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BT Broadband Usage Allowance....Is it just me?


I'm not sure if I'm in the right place, but having looked at some other threads here, I hope I am.


I'm new to BT Broadband (I joined on the 26th Sept - 8 days ago).  After just 4 days, I received an email telling me I'd used over 6GB of my 10GB allowance!!  I'm not quite sure how this can possibly be the case since I've never had an issue about usage with my previous ISP, and especially not after 4 days.  To compound the issue, the Usage Monitor now says that I've used 1.68GB in 48 hrs (1st - 2nd Oct) which is downright amazing since during those two days, we were hardly even home, apart from sleeping, and the most use the Laptop got was to place the Avon Order!


It would appear from reading other messages here, that, as a new customer, I may have been automatically 'Opted-In' to BT Wifi......(?), so perhaps this is causing an issue.  Is there any way I can find out more about the detailed usage?  I think I've now managed to 'Opt Out' of BT Wifi (it just said something about my request being processed in the next 24hrs).


Has anyone else had a problem like this, and can they confirm whether it was BT Wifi, or am I missing something else.  At the moment, I'm feeling rather ripped off by BT, especially since I've just signed up to an 18 month contract.  

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Re: BT Broadband Usage Allowance....Is it just me?

BTWIFI does not count towards you usage and in fact many use BTWIFI when their actual usage ia getting near the max so maybe you should think again about opting out


if you go to your hub you should find usage figures there provided you have not switched it off or it has reset

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