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BT Broadband Usage Meter : Wildly Innacurate ??

Hi All,


I am new here so please excuse me if I have posted this message in the wrong place !


I have been a BT Broadband Customer for many years, and after being on BT Total Broadband Option 2 for quite a while, I was told about 12 months ago by BT themselves that my usage was so low that I could easily drop to "Option 1" which they kindly did for me.


All has been ok and I have not exceeded my 10Gb quota, since I was dropped to that level, UNTIL LAST MONTH !  I got the usual email from BT warning me on 24th November, that I had used 7Gb of my 10Gb allowance. I wasnt duly alarmed by this as I new there was only a week left till the end of the month when I would get my new allowance. HOWEVER, imagine my horror when on 7th December, I get another email saying that last month I EXCEEDED my 10Gb allowance, and in fact had used 20GB  !!!  So they were stating that in the last 7 days of November I had alledgedly downloaded a massive 13GB of data. And furthermore my December download allowance was again, being eaten up at a ridiculous rate.


I found this unbelievable as my interent surfing habits have not changed significantly in the last year. I dont ever download movies, or audio, and any video clips I watch are only a few minutes long.


So what the **bleep** is going on ? I phoned BT but as their call centre is in India it was difficult to explain. I was advised to carry out a test and stay off the net altogether for 24 hours and then re-check my usage. This I did, and sure enough my usage HAD NOT increased. But, when I AM online, even just checking emails and browsing the net, all of a sudden my usage appears to be rocketing??


I have a laptop and a desktop PC but always try to only have one on at any one time.


Can anyone tell me how I can prove to BT that I am not downloading anywhere NEAR the amount of data that they say I am ? And does anyone have a DIRECT PHONE NUMBER to contact the right department with my concern ?


Thanks in Advance !





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Re: BT Broadband Usage Meter : Wildly Innacurate ??

there is a duiplicate post on speed/connection board and I have replied there

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