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Re: BT Broadband Usage monitor LIES

I've had BT Infinity for a few months now.


No matter what day I check my usage on the BT website, if I divide the total GB usage so far, by the number of days gone in the month, the answer is always around the 5.0Gb mark ( give or take 0.1Gb either side )


So it appears I am using almost exactly 5Gb every single day ..... I've been monitoring the usage as reported by the BT Home Hub 4, and the figures are nothing like what BT Usage monitor are reporting.


Sounds a bit fishy to me.


Thankfully, I opted for an Unlimited package, otherwise I'd be paying an arm and leg for exceeding my monthly allowance.



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Re: BT Broadband Usage monitor LIES

Hi Everyone,


I have had similiar problems to usage meter showing excess over that I had used.  Two months after taking Infinity with 40G limit, it showed I had used 27G in 4 days, average use had been less than 10G per month before. Third month showed usage of 33G in 7 days!.

The first thing I did was to change everything!

Log into Hub, change admin password, change hub password, and powered off time of usage from 11.00pm to 5.00am. Check everthing the hub is allowed to use, I found two items that had no relevent ID that were apparently allowed to use hub?  Limit time tablets/phones that can use Internet to when you want them to. Check everything!

(in other words make sure you are using your hub and no-one else)

This worked for me, I now use two PCs on most evenings/mornings, and two tablets working during day, my usage has been consistent at 20-23G per month for the last year.

I watch catch-up TV, Utube Videos, research for work, download games,and films.

This mat not work for everyone but------------It's worth a try!!


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Re: BT Broadband Usage monitor LIES

This thread doesn't fill me with any confidence that i won't be paying hundreds of pounds in fines this month...


In 5 days this month we've used 60GB apparently! I've tried BT India and they couldn't help. BT UK advised me to upgrade to unlimited.


We normally use 20-30GB in a month. This past 5 days we've hardly been in. We don't have NetFlix, Sky or anything that would be internet usage heavy. The PS3 and PC are the only things. PC is rarely used for anything but simple browsing and PS3 i download the odd game - but nothing this month.


So how on earth in 5 days have i used 60GB and it's still rising!?!

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Re: BT Broadband Usage monitor LIES



BT have recently acknowledged a fault whereby any BTWiFi (FON) usage through BT home hubs was being recorded against BT broadband customers' monthly allowances.  BT are stating that this fault was limited to 'a very small number of customers' in June and July 2014.  




(see PaddyB's post on page 10)


Until now BT were unaware of the fault.  It seems more than likely that BT are trying to hide the extent of the fault i.e. previous occurences and number of customers impacted.


Hopefully this information is helpful...


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Re: BT Broadband Usage monitor LIES

Hello John.

I appear to have the same issues as yourself regarding this BT monitor and its accuracy please see my post more details!


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