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BT Broadband and Calls What a joke!

I am shocked and appalled with the service offered by BT and the telephone service has failed to address my concerns and if I do have a complaint this has to be done in writing but how long will that take to sort out! Too long. Here's my dealings with BT


I had a service with them at my rented property, my wife and I then purchased a house and wanted to continue with the contract. So we register for the house move service to switch supply. Although we did this a bit too late the new service was meant to start in early October (we moved out on 24th September) so we didn't have a supply immediately. Can cope with that.


The day of the big switch over a family member waited in the house, no one came but the broadband and phone line all of sudden started working the next day. We thought great the engineer must not have needed to go in the house after all (I have had this before).


All was going well then all of a sudden about 14 days ago the service is cut off and no longer any phone line. This is where the fun really starts.


I call BT and go through the switchboard and wait and eventually get through to be told that although I have an account BT have not been able to provide a service to the house and that the telephone number I have isn't registered with BT. They also told me that the engineer never completed what he needed to do as he wasn't able to get into the house?


I was shocked by this revelation especially as I have been paying BT for phone and broadband since October monthly by direct debit and had not heard a word from them. The first lady said she would place a re-order and given that it was BT's fault she would try to prioritise connection. She then said she would be back in touch within 24 hrs to give me an update and confirm that we would be online by end of last week.


The week sped by and no contact from BT. Friday arrived and went and still no service. So back on the phone, back through waiting on hold and end up speaking to a different lady. Repeating the same story for a second time and going through the same set of questions was slightly annoying especially when the response of what to do next was the same. I highlighted my frustrations with the process and was promised again a response within 24 hours. I said that would be great but I doubt you will given my experiences to date. I was told trust me Mr Bullock all will be sorted. Being a trusting fellow I thought ok give them another shot.


Saturday came and went, and I thought ok maybe nothing can be done till Monday. We are now on Wednesday and still no contact. I am starting to become very annoyed that I am paying for a service I cannot use, and I have enquired as to what is being done and received the same lies on two occasions.


Third time lucky? So I call again this lunch time, I am placed on hold for a lot longer, BT are busy. When I eventually do get through I explain the sad tale for a third time. Then I am placed on hold not once, not twice but a total of 10 times. I am asked to hang up and they will call me back within 5 mins which they did do. It transpires that previous order has been corrupted and a new order will be made. I am told that an activiation date of the 19th February is placed on the order but as before I am also promised that the individual will do all he can to make sure it is completed before that and I am a valued customer and now a priority. I am also told I will be called back within the hour with an update.


This was at about 14:00 UK time and as it is now 16:15 it seems like more lies. Is it really too much to ask that BT provide a service that I have paid for? Should i really have to wait till the 19th Feb to be connected given I requested connection back in September 2012? Does it really take 5 months to join BT? Can I stomach another set of broken promises. Will BT ever really value me as a customer based on the case to date the answer to the last question is a resounding no.

I really hope someone from BT Uk reads this and can keep a promise this time!

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Re: BT Broadband and Calls What a joke!

this is a customer help customer forum and only BT employees are the forum mods.  you can contact the mods for asistance or you can try online chat and if they can't help then contact the mods 

contact mods

can take up to 3 working days for mods to contact you

live chat

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