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BT Broadband usage meter

Has anyone else had unusual results from the BT usage meter?

My monthly usage average is under 30GB and that is mostly (75% or more) download. This month, for various reasons, my computer has been used a lot less than normal and today my total download for May is below 7GB. However, sometime in the last couple of weeks, my upload has shot up to over 30GB for no apparent reason. I supected some kind of nefarious activity even though I am well protected by Kaspersky and regular use of malware-seeking programs. To further add to the mystery, the meter on my Home Hub shows that I have transmitted only 3.6 GB in the last 9 days (presumably since it was last switched off a;though I do not recall doing so as I have been trying to keep it on permanently following a tip I saw on this forum about improving exchange to house speed).

Any suggestions would be welcome.

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Re: BT Broadband usage meter

Most versions of Home Hub reset the transmitted and received data values to 0 when they reach 4.3Gb withhout resetting the connection time.


If you contact BT Helpdesk they will be able to give you the data transmitted and received values for the last 31 days which will confirm whether the Home Hub values have been reset. ( If they say they cannot do it ask for a supervisor)


It is advisable to record the Data values from the Home Hub on at least a daily basis in order to check the online Broadband Usage meter.



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