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BT COMPLAINT HELP Re: Lack of Customer Service/ Incorrect Info - PLS MODS? HELP

Hi all,


I havent posted for a while as ive been ill, but am hoping someone may be able to help...


I had been a customer of BT for around 3 years (All 3 services Broadband-Option 1, Vision Unlimited TV package, Free eve & weekend calls/line rental). Upon each year I found usually BT care would assist in giving me a better value package however this year I hear nothing back(despite heading up the email as URGENT and stating contract up 14th Sep! & also marked for a Manager, as id been assisted by Nigel ***** in previous years who had been the manager). However no reply.


I then decide given no reply that I'll look at some cheaper providers/see if I can get a better price (as money is tight with my illness) and managed to get a better deal by a long shot. So I phoned BT to explain this and ask asked for the MAC code. The lady (Tamara) didnt attempt to keep my custom or offer me anything but seemed to not want to give the MAC code as she kept putting me on hold again and again and then said it would have to be posted out within 5 days, to which I explained I needed it today to give to a new provider(as I didnt want to be charged for extra with BT), put on hold again, finally she said her manager (Paul of the Customer Options Team)had let Tamara give me the MAC code. Given the difficulty in getting it from them I made sure I checked the code in the following ways...


1. Checked if case sensitive - reply was that its all in capitals

2. I asked Tamara to read it out to me and I wrote it down.

3. I then asked if she could read it to me again so I could check it.

4. She read it back to me, this time including a forward slash and extra letter. hmm

5. I then read it out to her phonetically(eg A for Alpha) and asked her to say yes if correct.

6. All letters correct I was told.

7. I asked for the MAC to be emailed to MY HOTMAIL EMAIL.

Due to the difficulty in obtaining the code I ensured I wrote the date (13th September 2012) and the advisors name(Tamara) and the Manager(Paul of Customer Options) along with the call time of around 3.45pm approx 13/9/12.


I asked Tamara regarding the moving process and was told that once I gave the MAC code and it was given to my new provider to use it would then cancel my BT contract. I explained however that I was only moving Broadband and not TV package and asked if I would need to cancel the TV package today(as despite me asking regarding the 3 services it was not informed to me), so was then told yes and I asked for this to be done that same day(as contract was up). I asked if I should ask for the call package to be cancelled as it was likely Id go to broadband only service, but she said as id need the line that it couldnt be done until the MAC was used by the new provider. I explained I was concerned incase BT overcharged me for a futher month(even though my contract was up in a day or so).


I phoned up new provider (after deciding to go with the for new service)the following day (14/9/12) and got a new broadband sign up along with the line rental(calls package included eve & weekend) for a good price. I gave the mack code and was told this was incorrect. I found it odd over this given how difficult it had been to get this code the day prior so rang BT (on my house line) while having new provider on the mobile phone nearby and I spoke to BT at approx 3pm (14/9) and explained that I needed to check the MAC CODE as I had obtained it after difficulty the day prior and had my new provider on my other phone waiting to complete my new order.  (After going through security) the man refused to read out the MAC code to me and stated I needed to read it to him and he would check. I explained as I had passed security I would like him to read it to me(the purpose being is that I had checked the code very well & phonetically with BT in my call and that leaves very llittle chance for error).The man refused to do this (strange?) so I read him the first two letters(he then refused to read the rest as stated I had to read him what i'd got), I found this a bit odd but did as he asked, to which he informed me it was correct. I stated this needed to be checked and he placed me on hold for over 7mins(while I had my other provider on the other phone and then the line went dead...great!).


I phoned up again and spoke to a different adviser(sounded an older chap and was very polite) and explained the same to him and he was most helpful and read me the MAC code with no difficulty(no asking me to read what I had first etc like the other advisor) and again I repeated the code back phonetically to double check. There were 2 errors in the code (given my prior adviser Tamara) and the first being G instead of J and D instead of P. Now, I appreciate mistakes get made but given how many times I checked that code and phonetically G FOR GOLF sounds nothing like J FOR JULIET and nor does D for DONALD sound like P for PAPA. So I finally get the correct MAC code and thank the polite chap you did help me properly and with no holding and messing about.


So I'd like to complain about the way this was handled :


1. BT firstly didnt reply to my email and thus didnt make any offer to me to retain custom, which is sad given ive been with them a number of years. (sent to bt care)


2. Also I had great difficulty getting the MAC code when phoning up, meaning I was holding for alot of the call. I was then clearly given the wrong MAC as I checked many times and the first time it was read out without the forward slash and an extra letter and so as detailed above I had it thoroughly checked phonetically. I also never received the MAC email as assured to my hotmail email address as I requested.


2. Subsequent call I had to make during peak time to obtain MAC again - male adviser (think he had a scottish accent)put me on hold for 7 mins and prior to that as detailed above would not read the MAC to me. Call was then cut after 7 mins BT's end which meant I hadn't time to ask the advisors name.


3. 3rd call to BT re: MAC code - Was given the code with no delay and man apologised Id had problems prior. I then found out that 2 letters of the MAC were incorrect as detailed fully above (even though checked phonenetic way)


I'm very dissapointed in the service of BT, firstly in not replying to my email re: my 3 contracts being up for renewal, then in not attempting to offer me any loyalty offer to stay or indeed anything at all. The most frustrating and expensive issue I am unhappy about is the 3 phone calls made to BT to obtain a correct MAC code and checking the code several times along with phonetically checking leaves barely any room for error therefore that is extremely frustrating. Also initally being told it had to be sent by email and would take 5 working days(when I explained I wanted it today).


Given the errors I would also like to check that the information I was given that id only be billed up to date of contract renewal date(as im not renewing and moving). Also I wasnt informed that my BT Vision Service could be cancelled immediately, it was me that had to check that and get the adviser to do that for me.(believe this is now done). I have ordered o2 broadband and line/calls package and this is in the process of set up.  I would like my complaint to be investigated fully and so it would help if someone could let me know where to forward this??   Also I want to get a clear idea of what I will be billed for as my contract with BT is currently up and the MAC has been given over but should it take the new provider 6 days, how much will BT bill me? I hope that some action will be taken given the amount of calls I have had to make sorting things out & wrong info being given and would ask this be deducted from any final bill as this has taken alot of time for a simple issue.


Sorry that was long but I felt it justified and would like to know who best to send it too?


Any help, be most grateful x

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Re: BT COMPLAINT HELP Re: Lack of Customer Service/ Incorrect Info - PLS MODS? HELP

If you would like to contact one of the UK based BT Care Team who moderate this forum, they should be able to help you.


They can be contacted using this link BT Care Team


They normally respond by phone or e-mail, within three working days, however you should get an immediate confirmation, with a tracking number.


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