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BT Call Centre (Indian) not helpful at all! And Lies after Lies of Lies

First of all my broadband (BT INFINITY) connection stopped working on Wednesday night at 0200 local time in the monring I rang BT on (0800 111 4567) ASAP at 9am to be assured it will be sorted out by Thursday at 6PM as it was an outage at the exchange and that I would be called to be told it was fixed, Thursday night 6PM came and gone I rang at 9PM again to be told you will deffintly be back up and running tonight (Friday) by 6PM, 6pm comes and goes and surprise surprise no internet connection still! I rang again to be told "we do not know what the problem is and it will be Wednesday the 29th at the earliest!!!" I am not very happy for one I have had to use a friends pc to type this and the fact no one in my house can use the pc or even watch TV! As the tv used the bt inifinty so basically i have no Internet and TV to watch. I asked this person in the Indian Call Centre I wanted to speak to someone higher or someone based in the UK and she said "I cannot do that as i dont know how too" This stage I am really mad as for one I am paying £72 a month for TV, PHONE AND BROADBAND which atm I am not getting. 


Does anyone have a number/email or something for someone higher preferaly for someone located in the UK




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Re: BT Call Centre (Indian) not helpful at all! And Lies after Lies of Lies

you can email the mods who will get back to you but could take 72hrs

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Re: BT Call Centre (Indian) not helpful at all! And Lies after Lies of Lies

Chances are it is your openreach modem see:


Insist on getting an engineer sent round, I was told by the call centre twice that it was an exchange problem that was being fixed.  *Total BS* both times, I think it is their stock response to any kind of problem.

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Re: BT Call Centre (Indian) not helpful at all! And Lies after Lies of Lies

It is a stock response - the amount of times the Indian support has blamed an "exchange problem" for my poor speeds I'm surprised that my local exchange hasn't been declared a disaster zone!


Interestingly when I was being speed limited under the old (unfair) FUP, when I called the Indian helpline they blamed my poor download speeds on.... surprise surprise - an exchange fault.

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Re: BT Call Centre (Indian) not helpful at all! And Lies after Lies of Lies

I have just recently had the same problem with the Indian call centre.They make things up as they go along.They went into my computer and tried it and found it working ok so they could not blame that but they did say they have found my connection dropping and then not getting any connection at all.They then said i had a problem with the outside line.An engineer came round and checked and there was no fault.He changed me from hub2 to a hub3 and it worked for four days and then dropped again.I rang centre again they blamed the exchange and then it was a fault in my house.He gave me a number for the tech desk (engineer) which if they come out i get charged but no one was in.By this time i was getting mad so i rang local BT and asked when my contract was up which is in two weeks and told them what was going on.I told them i would  take the call package and broadband to another provider.She told me someone would be in touch within 24hrs to make a time for a call.One hour later the call came and an engineer was out the next morning.He stripped the socket and took out the back of it and it was corroded(good engineer)and replaced with a new socket.Everything was fine until five hrs later when connection dropped again.Connection came back and still going so BT you have excellent engineers but give us a proper service by having a UK based help centre where we can understand the people and they will not lie to us the paying customer.

Needless to say i am now expecting two bills for engineers at probably £100 a visit because a few years i got an engineer and he said my SKY telephone line was interfering with my broadband and he cut it and went on his merry way and broadband still not working(bad engneer) and i got a bill for £98.I made a complaint to BT and they said they would make an issue of it and that was five years ago.Put it in the bin more like because i am still waiting to hear from them.

I am talking to other providers and Plusnet is looking good(UK call centre) so BT you might lose one customer but by the look of this board it looks like evryone is jumping ship.

Best of luck for the future.

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Re: BT Call Centre (Indian) not helpful at all! And Lies after Lies of Lies

Plusnet is a BT group company
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