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BT Call Protect Problem

Yesterday we were waiting for a call re pensions from Scottish Widows.  The call was never received so we chased Scottish Widows and they said they had called twice at 10:30 and 10:50 and left messages.  Later that day I recieved an e-mail from BT saying that they had upgraded my 1571/call minder with BT call Protect.  Suspecting that might be the causes I logged onto account and lo and behold both calls were logged.  I then used 1572 to check my 'Junk' voicmails and there were two messages from them.  They made calls from 0131 549 9770.  I tried to use the Live assistance to report this and hopefully try to resolve the problem but didnt get very far.


Their answer was to suggest that I cancel Call protetct!!!    Overall I think this is a great initiative but there may be some teething problems?


Has anyone else had similar issues ad if so how did you resolve them.  I am guessing that the 0131 number is on the common BT blocked numbers list - is it possible to overide this?   


Thanks, Nigel

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Re: BT Call Protect Problem

We haven't had this problem but I have to say I am disappointed with call protect. We still receive a number of junk calls - about 1 a day - from bogus numbers. Surely BT can recognise numbers that don't exist and stop calls from them getting through? Adding the numbers to the blacklist is all very well but the miscreants will change them next day.



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