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BT Call Protect improvements?

Thanks BT for this invaluable service.

At the moment we can only have 100 numbers in our personal blacklist. With all the scammers around, this does get full very quickly. I can't just delete the oldest to make room as these older numbers pop up now and then, and get blocked.

So ... what about adding an extra column to the blacklist table and increment a counter each time this number is blocked? We already know in our 20 last calls that this number has been checked if it is blocked. This way we at least have a fighting chance of deleting scammers numbers they have abandoned for the time being, to make way for their new crop of spoofed numbers.

I have 99 blocked already (mainly from the blacklist - ie they got through once! So at least 200 nuisance calls!) and 89 on my blacklist. Only just over 3 months on BT Call Protect so far - so after a year, this will swell somewhat.

Hope this makes sense and can be taken on board as many/most will reach the 100 blacklist limit during their first few months (like me).





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Re: BT Call Protect improvements?

As the Call Protect sticky has now been locked, has anyone ever established why there is a a limit of 100 numbers and connot be increased ?

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Re: BT Call Protect improvements?

Yes, continuning frustration here too.  Pathetic 100 number limit.  Editing 'old' blacklisted numbers is far too clunky.  I get the impression that BT don't really care about their vulnerable customers.

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