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BT Cancellation

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Hi there. I have been a BT business customer for over two years.


I have been having problems with BT over the past year, with slow and dropped connections. It's a BT business account. Although when I speak to business customer services, the service is great, but unfortunately the broadband connection itself has been slow and dropping several times a day, and has been significantly worse over the past few weeks. Fortunately (or what I thought at least), my contract was up this month.



So with that, we decided to end our service and use Virgin, who have just installed fiber optic cables along our road a few months ago.  After calling Virgin we had an installation date for the 18th, so naturally, I gave notice and booked a disconnection on the 19th. The BT customer service agent agreed that the 19th is the best date because it would give me time to delay if there is a problem with the installation of our new service and save paying for two services. I agreed and proceeded to confirm my notice of termination.



Unfortunately, the virgin installation wasn't as simple as we hoped (being a new building) and it will take 3/4 weeks before they can come back. So naturally, the first thing I did was call BT to cancel the disconnection booked for the following day (tomorrow). I got through to someone at15:03hrs and told them of my intention to cancel the disconnection. 


The customer service advisor, who was very polite, told me that unfortunately, the termination of service is imminent and that they are not able to stop the disconnection for tomorrow. However, she would contact the Order Management Department who would attempt to stop the disconnection. I was told to expect a callback. However, if I didn't get a call back by 17:30hrs to call back because the department closes at 18:00hrs. Well, no one called. I couldn't get through to them on time. 

The time is now 21:29 and I have been on the phone to customer services who said that the Order Management Department left at note 'around 3 pm to say that they can't stop the disconnection because 'it's too late.' 

I was advised to call in at 9 am and speak to them, despite them leaving a note to say that they are unable to push back the disconnection. 

So now... despite doing everything I was told by BT (giving notice, getting a callback, calling back), I am looking at the prospect of being without internet for my business until the end of January. 

Why was this so hard to organise? I am completely bewildered, by the service, even right to the very end, as I now expect to be disconnected shortly. 

So very dissapointed. 

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Re: BT Cancellation

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Welcome to the BT Residential Customers forum

As you are a business user, please could you post on the BT Business forum at


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Re: BT Cancellation

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I have re-posted on BT business community page, but like my last message said BT Order Management are closed now.  😞 



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Re: BT Cancellation

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Unfortunately, the disconnection task would have already been issued to Openreach and will be difficult to cancel now. It would be exactly the same for both residential and business customers.

All you can do would be to call BT Business first thing tomorrow, and see if they can get hold of Openreach to cancel the task. There may also be other tasks issued to BT Wholesale, to cease the broadband routing, some of which are robotic tasks which may be waiting execution.

It would have been best not to cancel until you had a working alternative. Also bear in mind that you may lose your phone number if you move provider.

The issue with your BT Business broadband should have been sorted, its not that difficult to fix, as its usually due to a fault on the external network.

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Re: BT Cancellation

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Thank you, Keith. I will give them a call first thing. I agree with you, regarding not giving notice until the alternative was up and running. I should have done that. 

Please forgive my ranting, I am just anxious about potentially not having internet until the end of January. Fingers crossed. 

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