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BT Care!?! - Billing is overcomplicated to confuse the consumer

As you can gather from the topic subject, I am NOT a happy customer, I dont feel BT - Care in any way and am wholly disappointed with the service I have had.


I paid upfront for my line rental under the saver scheme. 2 days later the quarterly line rental was also taken from my account. Obviously there was a crossover in the payments and all would be resolved with a phone call... or so you would think!


I called up the contact number, followed the options to get through to the right department, went around in circles for a few attempts (another over complicated process) and finally spoke to an off site call centre operative in India.


When I explained the situation I was told I would get my refund, allow a few days for the credit to appear. All resolved... or so you would think!


A month has passed and there I was, having to chase again, thinking someone had forgotten to process a refund.


I went through the whole phone system options nonsense again and finally spoke to a UK call centre. I explained the situation and am told that they can see all the credits, see my last bill etc etc. Oh good, so, can I have my overpayment back then now please.... erm, No!




I cannot have my overpayment back until the next bill is generated, 12th June, then I have to call back and request the credit to be refunded back in to my account and then after allowing 7-10 working days I will get it back... GREAT ploy BT to generate extra income... keep everyones overpayments and earn the interest on it! That will be circa 15 weeks BT will have had my overpayment!!!


So, "there must be something you can do?" I said to the operator.... I got a very 'Little Britain' - "Computer says No!" type response and then got a load of waffle about how one payment shows and the other one will come off in June and then IF there is any credit that will be amended on the bill and then divided by the number of seagulls flying by multiplied by the outside temperature... Its all a load of b0ll0x BT.... get it sorted!


OK, so, seeing as your sh!te computer system doesnt allow me to have my money back and seeing that you actually havent taken the up front line rental payment in to account as a payment, in turn generating a rightful refund I am owed, just give me the upfront line rental money back then... "Errr No, that cant be done as its a 7 day cool off period" SINCE WHEN?!


Seriously, BT have got everyone just where they need them... so, when I am back in control I will either move my business to another provider or I shall just take every bill to the red letter day and incur some stress and extra work at BT's end.


BT Care... Care doesnt exist. You dont care. You have my overpayments and that is what I care about. Off to speak to OFCOM about my little issue and see what they have to say about things.


Any prospective customers reading my rant... go to an alternate provider OR pay in arrears as much as you can because playing the party line just doesnt work.

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Re: BT Care!?! - Billing is overcomplicated to confuse the consumer


I am sorry to see you are having problems

I suggest you contact live chat at this link they should be able to help you

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Re: BT Care!?! - Billing is overcomplicated to confuse the consumer

Thank you for the quick reply John. CAN they actually help me (IF no one on the end of a phone can help) or am I wasting even more of my time?

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Re: BT Care!?! - Billing is overcomplicated to confuse the consumer

Hi Ed_Rooney,


By the sound of it your quarterly bill was issued before you signed up to Line Rental Saver, so on that bill you would’ve been charged in advance for the next three months as normal.


Your next bill will show that you are now on Line Rental Saver, and you will therefore see an automatic refund for any rental charges you have paid in advance from the date Line Rental Saver started. What the helpdesk has advised you is correct, it’s not possible to get this refunded back sooner, and I am sorry about this.



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Re: BT Care!?! - Billing is overcomplicated to confuse the consumer

I paid the line rental saver as soon as my email came in to remind me I needed to pay again. I did not subscribe for BT to hold on to any overpayments. I accept my fault is to cancel my Direct Debit with my bank to avoid being in this situation. Rest assured I wont make that mistake again. BT will have to come chasing next time.


"It is not possible to get this back sooner".... Just isnt acceptable is it?... And you say this is Care?


Everything is possible, if people want something to happen it will happen.


We are talking about BT policy wanting to hold on to everyones money, that is the real reason "it is not possible"



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Re: BT Care!?! - Billing is overcomplicated to confuse the consumer

Give your bank a call to have the money paid back to you under the direct debit guarantee scheme. As you say, they've taken money that is not due to them.
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