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BT Claim "undercharged for discount" BT Infinity

Having received a letter from BT today 02nd July 2011 stating that they had undercharged myself for bt infinity for the past six months stating it was for a "special discount rate" now they say they want to reclaim the money back, but will only be taking the last two months instead of 6 months out of fairness!!


Anyone else received a letter stating the above, as BT have said it was their error and effects thousands of BT Broadband customers.


I have already told BT I aint paying and dispute the letter.






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Re: BT Claim "undercharged for discount" BT Infinity

Why, how much were you paying per month / what discount were you getting?

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Re: BT Claim "undercharged for discount" BT Infinity

My BT Infinity was discounted from £24.99 to £19.99 per month for the first 3 months along with a £2.00 per month discount for BT anytime plan.


Here is the letter I received


We`ve given you too much discount


We`ve been giving you a special discount on your BT Infinity Broadband - but it should have ended some time ago. That means we`ve been undercharging you.


We`re sorry for the mistake, but we need to put things right. We want to be fair, so we`re not going to ask you to pay back everything. You had the discount for an extra 6 months but we`ll only ask you to repay the last two months.


What do I need to do?


Just pay your bill in the usual way. On your next bill, you`ll see a charge called `backdated infinity broadband charges not included in previous bills` in the `one-off charges` section.


Yours sincerley,


Warren Buckley


Mangaging Director, Customer Service


I have disputed the amount of £16 and yet they maintain they will take the charge, and i have adamantly stated I owe nothing have paid my bills to BT on time and paid whatever is stated on the bill.



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Re: BT Claim "undercharged for discount" BT Infinity

The trouble is that companies have up to six years to come after you if they have mistakenly undercharged you.


Not particulary fair but there it is.


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Re: BT Claim "undercharged for discount" BT Infinity

don't you actually check your bills regularly - don't you get bt to confirm in writing any discounts and how long they are for.


i always check my bills and dispute any irregularities straight away - if bt offer me any reduction (like they did when i had broadband with them) i ask for written confirmation stating how much and for how long - this ended up helping me last year when bt overcharged me for my broadband and because I had written confirmation etc I was able to get them to refund me.


It you had agreed with bt for the service to be on reduced payment for period of time you should have taken note of when it ended and been prepared for the increase and then queried bt about.


I'm not a big fan of bt, but from what i can see this is probably as much as your fault as theirs and should be lucky they letting you off with a couple of months....


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