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BT Closed complaint with no contact at all

I raised a complaint as I had waited in 3 times for an engineer for them not to turn up. They gave me £30 in compensation but I think it should be £25 per missed visit however they have now fixed the fault after the 4th engineer did arrive and it was what I had told them was the issue from the start (I an ex BT but no one would listen).

So I just got an email telling me the complaint has been closed but no one even bothered to check I was happy (I am not)

The customer service is terrible and after many years being a loyal BT customer I have had enough and as soon as I am out of contract I will be off.

It is surely basic courtesy to contact someone when they raise a complaint before you just close it.

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Re: BT Closed complaint with no contact at all

3 attempts on 3 different days at 3 different times should of been made to contact you, after the 3rd unsuccessful try was made, an email and letter should of been sent stating they couldn't get in touch and would close the complaint after 14 days.

You can get in touch and ask it be reopened, it can then be looked into again regarding the missed appointments, ring 0800 800 150 and speak with the 'Help' team.

BT's automatic compensation policy can be found Here

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Re: BT Closed complaint with no contact at all

no contact I called the servicedesk and did chats and 3 times was told the engineer was booked. So I raised the complaint as the one I had been told had been raised had also been closed with no contact. The new one was then closed with no contact either. I have spent ages on the phone or on chat to try to sort this out and when I eventually got an engineer he fixed it very quickly. I am not going through it all again to try to get the complaint re-opened as life is too short. Once my current contract reaches a point where the charge for leaving is low enough I will be going to Virgin Media I am afraid.

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