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BT Cloud 10th Jan Update - First Impressions

(Original Mod post with full details of new features is available here)


So this morning my PCs and Mac all prompted me to install new upgrades for BT Cloud. After reading the Mod's post it looks like there is an upgrade for the BT Cloud website too, though I personally can't see any difference (maybe it hasn't gone live yet)?


Here are my initial thoughts:


Positive Points

  • I much prefer the new layout for the PC and Mac software. With the old version I figured out how to use it mostly through trial and error - this looks like a much better layout.
  • PC version feels a lot faster. On the old software, it would take 10-30 seconds to add a new large folder to my 'backup' list. The new software seems to do it pretty much instantly (the Mac software has always done this instantly in my experience)
  • The 'Your files' pie chart is a useful addition. It's good to be able to easily see what my Cloud storage is being used by.


Negative points

  • In the Windows PC software, folders I've set to 'Backup' still don't move items to the Deleted Items folder of BT Cloud when I delete them from my PC. The 'BT CLoud Sync' folder does do this, but I was really hoping BT would have introduced more customisation here.
  • Can't see any improvement in the Web client yet. The 'Timeline view' and 'Grid view' the mod's mention both sound useful, but I can't see how to find them.
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Aspiring Expert
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Re: BT Cloud 10th Jan Update - First Impressions

Update: Looks like the website has now also been updated, as I can now see grid view and the photo timeline. Looks pretty good - not sure if I've noticed a speed increase, but it's not loading slowly.

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