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BT Cloud API, QNAP app, or alternative access

First off, when I searched for BT Cloud QNAP it kept being automatically changed to BT Cloud CAP. Not a great start!


I'd like to use my 500GB of cloud storage to sync between some snapshots taken from CCTV IP cameras and synced to my local QNAP NAS. I don't really expect there to be a BT app for QNAP NAS systems, but an API or alternative access (such as FTP) would be useful for syncing, short of a linux application. Is there any way to access the BT cloud without specifically using the Windows BT Cloud app?


Thanks all!

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Re: BT Cloud API, QNAP app, or alternative access

BT has not written its own cloud application. It does not even run the cloud servers. That is in the hands of an American business called Synchronoss.


White Label Enterprise & Carrier Personal Cloud Solutions


It is anyone's guess how much Synchronoss has tweaked its system for BT, but if you are looking for APIs and other useful tools maybe try a search on Synchronoss too.


You'll see that Synchronoss runs "white label" clouds for a raft of different companies. It might be worth looking at some of those for tools.


Of course, getting them to work with BT Cloud is another issue. But if you know that they exist you can start the process of getting BT to let you use them on "its" system.


Good luck. You will probably need it.


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