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BT Cloud - Does "Backup" Sync? Confused

I have just recently setup BT Cloud on my PC and added My Docs, My Music, My Pictures and My Videos to the Backup option.  I assumed this would then keep the files on my desktop and those on BT Cloud in sync - but it doesn't???


I deleted some files from My Pictures and added some new ones, and moved some, and now its duplicated some files and not kept them in sync.  Seems a bit of a waste of time if it does not keep them the same?


Is Backup supposed to do this?

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Re: BT Cloud - Does "Backup" Sync? Confused

Hi @AlexKrycek Sorry you could not get any help with this query. You would be best to call the Cloud Helpdesk on 0800 500 3114 and they will be able to help you with this.





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Re: BT Cloud - Does "Backup" Sync? Confused

Yes, backup is supposed to do this.  😉


It wouldn't be much of a backup if accidental deletion of the original resulted in subsequent deletion of the backup!


So, moving files around to different folders will  indeed duplicate the files.  You can manually delete them from the original location in the backup, but don't expect the software to do this for you since it isn't a mind reading package.  How would it know if you had deliberately or accidentally moved them?


It will also keep several copies of the files if you edit them.


The idea is to create backup copies in case of mistakes, not synchronise everything you do, including mistakes.  😉

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