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BT Cloud / F Secure Internet Security 2013

I have recently upgraded to unlimited broadband which has 50GB of Cloud storage.


I run Windows 7 with SP1 and F Secure Internet Security 2013.


Not unreasonably I figured it would be an idea to utilise the Cloud storage provided, so I proceeded with the install of BT Cloud, or rather I didn't!


On executing BTNetworkInstaller_C-NXKKC-C3UEC-VDJYB-N3CXD_ supplied by F Secure, the install is halted due to a conflict with the F Secure Launch Pad.


Various discussions with F Secure and BT help desks comes to the conclusion the only way to get BT Cloud installed is to uninstall Internet Security first, as you can't shut the Launch Pad down. This means I will have to re-establish all firewall settings etc on reinstallation. However, it also begs the question whether there will be a clash once both are installed. So as you can imagine I am reluctant to do this.


Has anyone had experience of such installation issues with BT Cloud and/or clashes once installed.


I have to say reading some of the threads I do wonder if utilising BT Cloud is a wise move anyway and what sort of company develops a software offering that clashes with their own? Maybe I should steer away from F Secure and utilise the BT NetProtect Plus provided, but maybe that requires a search of the forum to get a view of the product.

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Re: BT Cloud / F Secure Internet Security 2013

I don't have F-Secure or joined Cloud. But I do know about-attacks from the Web and its not a good idea to disable your firewall. I use DR.Web[Russian]  and I keep it on paranoid so I get to control most of the changes to my PC. It isn't perfect wont stop the "trusted installer" but at least its better than some well known protection programmes.  Is it possible  to use another PC and download the program to a memory stick and then transfer it to your PC and then allow it in permissions and your firewall. I can do that in my protection programme

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Re: BT Cloud / F Secure Internet Security 2013

I would advise against using BTNetprotect. It can cause problems on some computers and is a resource hog. Search the forum for it to see what I mean.


BT Cloud also seems to be full of problems and in my opinion is not very good. There are other free cloud programs such as Dropbox, Google drive and Microsoft Skydrive that work without the problems of BTCloud. The only good thing that I can see about it is the amount of storage you get.


If you do decide to use BTCloud make sure you do not use it as your sole method of back up and don't entrust anything to it that you are not prepared to loose. Have a good search through this forum and make sure you are aware of how it works or on occasions how it doesn't.





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