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BT Cloud Headache - Cannot download files

Hi folks,


I have an infuriating issue with BT Cloud right now.


Well, any pics I upload off my iPhone or even any files uploaded from the PC. I cannot download them via the web interface.


It either bombs out to a page not found error, or it indicates "Downloading Files" and then does nothing at all.


I tried both IE10 and Google Chrome and getting the same behaviour with both.


Does anyone know who to contact about this?


BT Cloud is effectively useless for my needs right now.



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Re: BT Cloud Headache - Cannot download files

The BT Cloud is slow and has a chunky user interface, but has not shown that issue for me.

Try clearing the cache or refreshing the page with ctrl-F5


Right now it's showing a problem I hadn't noticed before.   Uploading a new folder.

Using Devices tab at bottom, the partially uploaded folder does not show either in the PC interface or the web interface.

Using All Files tab, pictures from the currently uploading folder are shown: but the pictures shown as uploaded on the web interface are different from those shown as uploaded on the PC interface.

My suggestions of clearing the cache or refreshing the page with ctrl-F5 don't resolve those issues, so probably won't resolve yours;  sigh ....


It's fair enough for a new product to show teething problems, but not sure if this has been tested at all properly.  I don't think its even a fully new product, just a repackaging of an old F-Secure product.