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BT Cloud Missell

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No phone or internet since monday 11th September.  I asked BT 4-5 weeks ago if I could have a simple call redirect on my phone.  After almost 2 hours on the phone (2 callbacks from the sales rep) I agreed to have BT Cloud installed.  We are a business customer, I have 2 companies so the sales rep persuaded me to change the name on the account to my second company, thus opening up "new customer" deals.  I was given a "bespoke package" that saved me £30 per month on my existing contract or I would never have said yes as I didn't want it.  This will be very clear from the phone call recordings.


Then the issues started.  Invoices for equipment, invoices for leaving BT before end of contract (got those waived) invoice to port my phone number (again waived).


On D day, we had no phone no internet.  After HOURS on the phone, it transpired that - The Cloud phone line can't work as we have no broadband.  The broadband doesn't work because they have ceased service on the old broadband account, and when the new Cloud order was placed, but NO  BROADBAND FOR THE CLOUD SERVICE WAS ORDERED at BT's end during the setup of the new account!  So I was sold a cloud phone that works over broadband but the broadband was not even ordered, let alone installed.


After hours trying to sort it out, I was told a Mis-sell was the fastest way to get back online and on the phone, so we initiated that - on Monday 11th.  


After 5 days I left the country.  BT knew this from day 1.  No phone no broadband.  After 7 days I returned.  Today we have now been 2 weeks with STILL no phone and no broadband.  I run two businesses that cannot operate withoput internet.  I won't relate the saga of "someone will call you back", "it's been passed to a manager", at one stage "It's a mis-sell but the miss-sell wasn't set up correctly so nothing has been done on this for 5 days" etc etc etc etc etc.


We were told to buy a high speed dongle and they would reimburse us.  The only one that works here (very rural area) is EE and you have to go to a shop and buy one, cannot be ordered.  I was fighting for my life businesswise anyway with no services I could not afford to take the time and drive an hour or two round trip to get one.  I was firefighting using staff working from home.  While in Spain they also suggested I pop and get a dongle for my broadband issue in Gloucestershire - clearly Geography isn't a strong recruitment criteria.  


All I would like to know is what standard of compensation is possible, and what is the procedure for complaining to OFCOM (or is there a better Ombudsman service to raise this with)?


I was told Friday (22nd) 3 day max emergency internet would be with us by Monday.  I have now been told service will be restored tomorrow - 25th.  Then had the email confirmation it would be friday 29th.  Complained.  was told they would make sure it was indeed Monday.  Whoopie doo.  If that promise is as accurate as the previous calls and promises, it means I have a better chance of being struck by lightning.


Best way to complain and seek full redress please for a business that has been completely hamstrung for 2 weeks, with no services whatsoever.  Even with internet restored, we then have to start talking about what the hell happens to my phone line to get that restored?

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Re: BT Cloud Missell

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Welcome to the BT Residential Customers forum


As you are a business user, please could you post on the BT Business forum at



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