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BT Cloud Not fit for purpose (Backup)



I've used computer backup since 5.25" drives and then through ArcServe, BackupExec, etc. no I'm no novice here.


I've just found BURIED in the WEB section - under versions


It's important to be aware that backing up a very large file that you modify often could use up your BT Cloud storage space very quickly. This is because each time you modify it a new version is saved. We strongly recommend that you don’t use BT Cloud to back up large system files that are frequently modified, such as Outlook Data Files.


WTF? Sorry you're backing up a PC and you put NOTHING in the PC help? This is wrong.


I was backing up 30GB of photos/data and BT cloud is telling me I've used 97GB of my 100GB? So I went digging.


The version feature is nice but there is no way to turn it off or restrict it (to say 5). And deleting versions is a one-by-one affair with confirmation. That's 100's of mouse clicks. There isn't a bulk option.


There's no way to tell how many versions a file actually has without clicking on every file - then you have the hassle of deleteing the versions.


A few simple tweaks and this could be a great product, it looks like someone decided that it "was good enough" except for me it wasn't

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Re: BT Cloud Not fit for purpose (Backup)

Hi @alister,


Sorry to hear of your bad experiance with BT Cloud. Giving users more control over how 'versions' work is on our product roadmap. We're making minor improvements to 'versioning' in our next release (should be a couple of months away), and will provide much more control in our first release of 2018.


Our developers are still hard at work on getting these features right so I don't have any more detail to share yet, but BT will post on these forums when we do have more information for you.




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Re: BT Cloud Not fit for purpose (Backup)

Have to agree...if you think its bad on a Windows PC the app is far worse on a Mac. It can't see inside app packages to get to the file structure which is key for Photos and the older iPhotos.



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Re: BT Cloud Not fit for purpose

Like many, I have been using desktops almost since they hit the desk in 1986/87. I would describe myself as very computer literate. I installed BT Cloud on four Macs. The app installed a BT Cloud folder on each of them. I had thought this would synch across all machines - but apparently and according to the aggressive tech guy from BT  I just spoke to - it doesn't. He tells me you have to log in to BT Cloud through your browser on each computer then download the files to the specific computer. If he is correct, then I might just as well get an external hard drive and plug it into each machine when I need. Perhaps my mistake was thinking BT Cloud might operate like Dropbox. The short-tempered BT advisor (maybe he's tired of the complaints) said that the storage is 'virtual' and not on each machine. I get that. But why can't the BT Cloud folder 'virtually' display the files?

He also advised me to remove the app from all the machines, download all the files then start again. This all sounds very dodgy to me and the net result is that I think it would be unwise to trust BT Cloud and simply spend some more money with Dropbox. Just in case anyone is wondering, I was very polite to him.

I am also wondering whether he is correct since some of the folders are synching across the four Macs, but not all.

Like so much about BT, not very well conceived, not very well executed, too much like a work-in-progress  and - in this instance - rudely supported.

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Re: BT Cloud Not fit for purpose

The sentence in the OP`s post "We strongly recommend that you don’t use BT Cloud to back up large system files that are frequently modified" made me laugh...I`ve just spent a fruitless hour trying to discover how to stop it from `backing up` all of my (5) computers C drives, (in their entirety), and I haven`t succeeded.

Thing is...I don`t want them backed up to BTCloud & I don`t need  them backed up to BTCloud. (I have my own backup solution locally). But no matter how many times I deleted the backups online and `stopped` the backups in the clients, boomshanka!!, back they came like a **bleep** that won`t flush,... There no longer seems to be any way of altering what it backs up or turning the damned "back up"  off alltogether, (If I refresh the client it just starts `backing up` the whole caboosh again). I even tried uninstalling/re-installing but off it went again trying to upload my whole C drive & at no point did I see an option to choose what, or whether I wanted to back anything up.

All I wanted to do was sync one folder across the PC`s (and my phone..) but the only (supposed) solutions I could find were for older clients which don`t work, they all quote settings in the dashboard that don`t seem to be there any more..

& There seems to be no way to control or turn off the backup at all now.

I solved the issue in the end by just uninstalling the lot, I`ll just have to make do with the web app for my phone photo`s alone. (Dropbox is now doing the job I wanted it to do on my PC`s).

Theres no way I`m having such a band hogging and uncontrollable app on any PC I own again.

(Sounds like we spoke to the same guy & btw, he`s wrong. BTCloud IS supposed to sync across PC`s (if you tell it to). In my case the synced folder worked fine & exactly like dropbox. The uncontrollable backup was my issue. The guy I spoke to was just as rude but it became blindingly obvious that he didn`t have a clue what on earth he was wittering on about so I terminated the call in disgust, by the sound of his accent he was in Delhi).

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Re: BT Cloud Not fit for purpose

I have tried to use BT Cloud on my Mac several times and have also tried the sync and back up options.  The bottom line is even though i get 1000GB of free BT cloud storage I choose to BUY cloud storage from Google as it does what its meant to with very little issue.  I havent the time or inclination to mess about with BT Cloud settings and why should I, it is after all a back up solution, it shouldnt need me to mess about with it.

BT Cloud often stops, wont sync large files  and its slow in comparison to Google Drive IMO.

A real shame and waste of what could be a really good storage solution.

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