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BT Cloud Photo File Dates

I am having issues with the dates BT Cloud applies to my Backup photo collection. Initially this appeared to work, but just recently when I modify a local file, the date BT Cloud applies to the "Taken On" field is wrong and hence all my historical photos are appearing in this years folder when I view on the mobile app.


Browsing the Web Interface and opening an individual file, I can see that what the Cloud is showing as "Taken On" is actually the files "Date Modified" metadata field. This si why all my recently modified photos are showing up as "Taken On" 2016.


Is this a new issue and is anyone else having the problem. I have tried deleting a whole folders worth from the Cloud and, having confirmed the Metadata is correct on the files, allowing it to Auto-Backup again but the problem persists. Photos that have been uploaded for a while and which have not been modified still show a "Taken On" date matching the Metadata's "Date Taken" field.

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Re: BT Cloud Photo File Dates

Hi @SlimBest,


It's possible to sort photos in the mobile apps by 'Date Taken' or 'Date Uploaded' - sounds like your app might be set to sort by 'Date Taken'? there's instructions on how to change how photos are sorted on the BT help page here:




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Re: BT Cloud Photo File Dates

Many thanks @JoeeeeeeR, and I wish it was that simple. Just to clarify my problem by using one photo re-uploaded yesterday. Using Windows Explorer-File Properties-Details I can see that the Metadata shows that the file has three dates. "Date Taken" = 24/10/2012. "Date Created" = 31/10/2016 as this was the date I put a copy in the folder I have identified as Backup for BTCloud. The third is "Date Modified" = 20/12/2016 as this was the date I edited the photo in Lightroom.

Now if I browse to BTCloud in my browser and look at "All My Files" and drill down to the individual photo, alongside the snapshot it shows two dates along with the other info the BTClousd has extracted. "Date Modified" = 27 Dec 2016 as this is the date it was last uploaded, and "Taken On" = 20 Dec 2016 which matches the metadata tag for Date Modified, not Date Taken as it should be. This means that every time I edit a Photo and BTCloud sync's it, it appears as far as the Mobile app to have been taken this Month i.e. Dec 2016 currently.

Very few of my 1500 odd photos taken in 2012 appear as taken in 2012 as I did a batch addition of a Metadata Tag via Lightroom so the Modified date is this month. However the Metadata tag for "Date Taken" is as it should be (2012) its just that BTCloud is not using it. 

This used to work - so what has changed?

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