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BT Cloud Space exceeded after reinstalling OS

Having just reinstalled Windows 10 and BT Cloud on my PC, I now find I have run out of space on BT Cloud.
I have followed the instructions to use a different name for the new device and selected exactly the same folders
that I used before. But I think it has uploaded duplicate files resulting in the storage space being exceeding (I need 44GB of space). When I added the new device name it seems to count the number of files that need backing up and then starts backing them up. I have over 34,000 files and this took a very long time. Which resulted in me shutting down my PC at bed time assuming it will recommence the next day from where it left off, but this is when it ran out of space.
There should be an easier way of re-introducing a rebuilt PC - Acornis True Image has the ability to reconfigure the device so the same name is used with out going through this rigmarole.

I know my storage space will be increasing in a few days but I rebuild my PC quiet frequently and I don't want to be doing this each time.

Any suggestions appreciated,
Phil Jordan

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Re: BT Cloud Space exceeded after reinstalling OS

Hi - 


I am about to undertake a similar exercise.  I plan to replace my HDD and reinstall windows.


I have been trying to find a definitive answer to what happens in this scenario, and now I have a first hand answer!


So the 'old device' (although it is the same physical device) remains in the cloud with all of it's data intact?

And the 'new device' (although just a new HDD / reinstall) is created as a new device and a new backup is required?



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