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BT Cloud Storage

My BT Cloud storage dashboard is showing that I am using 51GB of my allotted sorage whereas the total shown in the Backup folders amounts to slightly less than 42GB. What is this other 10GB? Before anyone else suggests it I have checked for deleted items and the few files that were in here, just a few MB I have removed so the deleted files now number zero.


What is going on?


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Re: BT Cloud Storage



I suspect this is due to file versioning (took me a while to work out what was causing a similar thing on my account).


For files you've set to backup using the 'Backup' option of the PC / Mac software, BT Cloud does keep 'versions' of files you've updated. As an example, if you've set an excel doc to back up automatically, and since the file upload you've made 7 changes to the file then when you look at the file on BT Cloud you can access any one of the 7 versions.


To look at the version of a file, select it (on, then select 'Versions' from the 'More' menu. Here you can access or delete prior versions.


I find this feature pretty useful (I guess it would stop the nightmare scenario of accidently saving over a document you didn't want to and then having that backed up) as I have 500GB of free storage, but if you have less then I can see why you wouldn't want it. I think BT should offer the option to turn off versioning, but a workaround is to just upload files to BT Cloud by dragging them into the 'BT Cloud' sync folder, rather than setting them to 'Back Up'. IT would appear that files aren't Versioned when using it this way.


Hope that helps!



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Re: BT Cloud Storage

Thanks for that. I think you have hit the nail on the head.


I've checked and was not aware of the versioning on saves. I've checked on a couple of database saved files one of which is around 20MB that gets updated very regularly and there appears to be over 100 versions present that would seem to be gobbling up space effectively over 2GB.


I agree that the versions idea is a very good idea, just a pity that there does not seem to be away of limiting the actual number versions that are kept, e.g. 100+ seems a little excessive.


Fortunaely like you I also have 500Gb available (Infinity 2) so no immediate worry, was just a little concerned as to what was causing the discrepancy.


Once again many thanks.


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