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BT Cloud Sync Program is an absolute joke.

I understand this service is "free" although it's probably included in the price you pay monthly somewhere down the line but doubling my storage as a "bonus" today was nice, except backing up through the program is painful and not very well thought out.


So here's a graph showing when files where uploading

It's far from saturating my connection, therefore the 260GB I plan on uploading to fill more of that "free" storage is going to take forever. For some reason, it seems like the program doesn't prepare files for the upload so whilst the upload itself is fast (depending on your upload speed) the time it takes for lots of files is very slow, unlike most other sync programs.


Google Drive (Newly names Backup and Sync) is great for this kind of thing, I believe the iOS App (Photos app for sure) does simultanous uploads at once meaning the only bottleneck is your connection but for some reason BT didn't think to impliment this into their solution.


Tl;dr: Broadband customers get a nice amount of storage just poorly optimised software to utilise it properly.


I won't even bother asking if it supports HEVC / HEIC yet.



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Re: BT Cloud Sync Program is an absolute joke.

Yep, the whole platform is trash...been developed by kiddies learning to code at school, probably still using Scratch and deployed by kiddies who set up their mum's tablet and phone at home a couple of times and know how to connect to Mcdonald's free wifi.


There are better options if you want proper cloud storage designed and deployed by grown-ups who know how to do it properly.



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