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BT Cloud Trojan virus?

I have Windows 10 on my PC and in the past couple of days Windows Defender has reported the following virus -


This happens only when I open BT Cloud. Defender will remove the virus but multiple reports of the virus keep appearing. The only way I can stop the error reports appearing is to disable BT Cloud and restart the PC. I have an up-to-date version of Defender (23/9/2017). 


I've had BT Cloud installed for over a year without any problem until recently. My husband has exactly the same OS and BT Cloud version as me (and we share files via the same BTCLoud account), but is not plagued with this error messge.


Can anyone offer a soluiron, please?

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Re: BT Cloud Trojan virus?

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Re: BT Cloud Trojan virus?

Thanks Liam.  The reported virus seems to be a nasty one but it does look as if Windows is giving me a false report. I'm pretty certain now that the trouble can be traced back to when I placed a link invitation to one of my files on BT Cloud.  When I try to download this myself via MS Edge, I get the Trojan virus report.  If I use Firefox there's no warning. I know the file is from a secure scource and scanning the file with Defender flags up nothing.


Fortunately I've stopped getting virus warnings now, though I don't know what brought about this welcome respite. Also I don't know why I got the virus warning only when I was running BT Cloud.

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