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BT Cloud Usage Report Error

My BT Cloud allocation is 500 Gb


I have uploaded 175Gb 


I'm told I have 163.2 Gb remaining


Can anybody please explain where the remaining 162Gb has gone ?





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Re: BT Cloud Usage Report Error

Replying to my own post!!


I found BT Cloud stores what appears to be an unlimited number of backup versions of files


So Cloud space is used up by these versions - if multiple files change frequently then this may become a problem.


What's needed is a way to control versioning - a limit of x versions say



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Re: BT Cloud Usage Report Error

I have the same problem of running out of storage in my 500GB allowance whereas I know my total data holding is 110GB. For the first time today, the BT Cloud team told me BT Cloud will not back-up Outlook PST files as this makes repeat copies of itself using up the BT Cloud allowance.


All in all, BT Cloud is not really a useful back up facility as is say Mozy because it only selectively backs up folders. I wish this shortcoming had been made clear from the outset before I thought BT Cloud was a replacement for Mozy.

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Re: BT Cloud Usage Report Error


I have also had problems with BT Cloud:  See my thread "BT Cloud unresponsive" where the app stopped backing up with 60GB of data missing.  However this caused me to search through the files which had been backed up and, among them, I noticed that two Outlook PST files of 232MB and 332MB that I have in my Documents file structure, were indeed backed up.


I don't know whether these will be repeatedly copied, since BT Cloud is still backing up the rest of the Documents folder, but whoever told you that "BT Cloud will not back-up Outlook PST files" is wrong, as evidenced by the fact that I can see a couple of Outlook PST files backed up here.

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