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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

kc230a - OK, were you able to launch from here using your user name and password. If so, the sync page should now be visible and the Sync cloud icon at the top left should be green. Ignore the icon next to it and click on the icon that looks like a globe. Be patient and wait for your next page to appear. Depending on how much is in your cloud dictates how long it will take. Please let me know if this is successful, before I go any further.

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start


Thanks for your response. When clicking on the entry for my laptop (after clicking on All my files) I get two folders C and Users. If I click on Users I get my login name and clicking on the I get my Music folder but nothing else.  However , if I clicking on C, I get Users (again) and then clicking on that I get my login name. Clicking on my login name brings up Onedrive and Pictures. Clicking on Onedrive brings up the folders on my laptop with the files all up to date! Thanks for your help. Good to know they are there and seems to be working - not at all user friendly. Onedrive is so much easier.

Good News! agree, not the best user interface which needs a revamp but at least you know your files are safe now and how to access them again if needed. 

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

JTS1 - all good and photos etc load successfully. Await next step with thanks.

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

SeanD wrote: Errors while using the client e.g. Unexpected Error, Metadata message not clearing

This again we believe was mostly caused by the spike in usage last week and caused some users these errors. As we have scaled our network over the last week, customers should not be seeing this.

If this is still happening, please try restarting the client once to check if this has resolved it.

If you are continuing to see issues, please send us your logs for investigation.

SeanD, thanks for your help in trying to fix this.

My BTCLoud is one of the cases with the Metadata message not clearing.  I have tried restarting the client manually several times since you posted this message and the fault remains unchanged.  The metadata message remains throughout the time that the client is running and then the client closes/crashes after running for about 20 minutes.  Restarting the client simply repeats this process.

I have previously send you my log files.

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

DusNumbri wrote:Hi RKM
After you try to start BTCloud, have you looked in the system tray for the BTCloud icon and status ?

Yes, hovering on the icon in the system tray shows the metadata message.  After about 20 minutes the icon disappears from the system tray and also from the Task Manager if that is open to monitor it as well.

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start


one additional piece of "evidence" which may help diagnose the problem...

As shown in the screen grab below, when I start the BTCloud client, there is an immediate surge in WiFi throughput to around 10Mbps.  This lasts for about 25 seconds, before ceasing and remains at that low level until the BTCloud client mysteriously closes (crashes?) after about 20 minutes.


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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

In Future, can you get your developers to check before they launch updates.

This is really annoying. I do not want to have to manually upload files to the cloud . 

I'm planning to migrate to One drive, they never seem to have any problems. 

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

Same here.


Also why would the desktop app not have a login/logout option.  what happens if you change your password at any point - how on earth are you going to login with the new password.  Not that I ever get asked to login or logout and still cant get the app to even run for more than 1 minute

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

Hi Sean

The update still does not work. Files are not syncing from my laptop to the cloud or from my desktop to the cloud, and are therefore not syncing from one to the other.

This software used to work and now no longer works.

Can you please tell me what is the next step?


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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

The program has a mind of it's own, in the cloud folder on the desktop if I create for instance a new excel spreadsheet and save it, that uploads, if I open an existing spreadsheet and make changes to it then save it, that doesn't upload, what a farce.

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