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Re: BT Cloud update not working

Ditto. After update it stopped working. Have un-installed and re-installed but no joy. Task Manager seems to suggest something is going on as shows changing CPU usage for that process but nothing happens.  Suppose we wait for BT now!

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Re: BT Cloud update not working

I'm (constantly) getting the "unexpected error" message to on my desktop computer. As my desktop is the main computer I use this is causing problems. I can't find any solution.

Hopefully BT will solve this problem soon as otherwise I'll have to go back to using OneDrive as my main method of sharing files between my computers and as my preferred backup solution.

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Re: BT Cloud update not working

Hi, it is apparent to me from all the messages in this post that BT have not done sufficient testing of this new BT Cloud release. I logged a complaint via my 'My Account' webpage with them a week ago because I was having issues with the previous version and so, whilst the new version has installed for me, I have restarted the backup of my Pictures folder in the hope it will correct the issue of not always backing up my data. If you are having difficulty getting through to the BT Cloud Helpdesk why not log a complaint. Whilst they're not quick to respond, maybe if they get bombarded with BT Cloud complaints they may start to treat the issue with more urgency. 

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Re: BT Cloud update not working

I have just upgraded to the new version on my pc. I thought the update dint work as there was no confirmation but it looks like the icon is there in the system tray on the bottom corner and its working - the interface has changed with no main screen now. 

Is anyone else able to see it working on the system tray? Clicking on it shows a screen with files and usage?

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Re: BT Cloud update not working

Yes, I have the 'cloud' icon on the System Tray and it does show files that are currently being backed up/sync'd. If you click on wheel at top right, it opens another window - 'Preferences'. Seems a step backwards to me replacing a single 'Dashboard' screen with 2 separate screens.

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

Same problem here with the added inconvenience that the update decided to change my desktop icon arrangement: very annoying and totally unacceptable.

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

I'm also having the same problem. Updated the app as requested, let it remove old software, and now it doesn't work. Also tried running the exe file directly but it won't move forward. I hope BT can send us all an explanation or a patch to sort it out soon.

If anyone has found the answer  I'd be grateful if they could send it to me



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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

Hi all,

We have upgraded our BT Cloud windows client to version 20.6.1, while the majority have upgraded smoothly we are sorry that some of you are having various issues. This upgrade is designed to ensure ongoing compatibility with windows releases.

Our support team are aware and we are looking into each of the issues currently and will keep you updated on workarounds or fixes. Thank you for your patience while this is resolved and sorry for any inconvenience caused.

BT Cloud can still also be accessed via mobile apps or through the web at



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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

Thank you for this rerassurance but I wonder how you can make the pronouncement that 'the majority have upgraded smoothly'.

How do you know this?

It took 24 hours for me, for example, to get round to posting a comment having found nothing on searching the topic yesterday. Many will not send a post at all.

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Re: BT Cloud Update. Today 1.12.20. Unable to access account via Desktop shortcut.

I can get the latest desktop update working but I'm completely baffled by it.

You take a simple but working user interface and you turn it into something really ugly that makes no sense and you make it so slow to uploaddddddddddddddd.

In fairness it takes skills to be that stupid & bad.

Message for BT, there are a load of bored 12 year old home schooling at preset with lots of time on their hands, employ them and get rid of the dinosaur developers you have.