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Re: BT Cloud update not working

Thank you. I am having exactly the same issues. Hopefully it will be fixed asap so I won't waste any more time on it this evening.
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BT Cloud Update. Today 1.12.20. Unable to access account via Desktop shortcut.

Had Cloud update today but no Access. Shortcut not opening app and no automatic download on startup.  Checked files and notice short cut updated 1.12.20 and Cloud Programme is installed (75Mbs.) Had a few short lived folders after update which emptied after 5 mins. BT Cloud App 20.6.1 and a packages folder Squirrel Temp. containing BT Cloud - 20.6.1full.nupky 77,551Kb, and REALASES 1Kb. What do I do next . Is there a problem with the download. I know my files are still backed up from the indicator arrow on shortcuts.

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

Got exactly the same problem.  You do not know if it has finished downloading, set up  or anything. No messages at all.   It was working fine until this update,

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

Well after approximately 6 hours or so work, I finally have it up and it appears to be working properly now. The auto upgrade was a disaster apparently doing an install but without any indication that it had done so. No indication of what had changed nor where things are in this new version.  Eventually after checking the desktop properties and also task manager, I realised something in the app was sort of working.  There was no new dashboard nor any indication what if anything had replaced it.  Not finding anything on the desktop with a cloud icon that did nothing (why have a desktop icon that does nothing). I found a new almost indiscernible icon in the tray for BT cloud - it is not blue but a white cloud. When clicked I got an error message that cloud sync could not proceed. There was no clue how to fix.  After much frustration, I decided to do a complete  reinstall, but the BT cloud uninstall leaves a few dozen traces behind so a simple uninstall/ reinstall did not solve the issue and I had to go back to square one and use my uninstaller app to clear the decks. After a clean reinstall the tray icon still showed an error so I decided on a Window restart and finally all appeared OK. Of course I had to repeat this whole process on my laptop after fixing my desktop.

The old dashboard has gone and is replaced by a mini dashboard which opens when you click the tray icon but at least it is working. I depend on this for file sharing between my devices of which I have a fair few.

This update was never properly tested. Too many software companies do not have an independent tester group and expect their devs to test their own software developments.   As well they tend to test their software in house where there are many features that can make their software appear to work OK. They need to test out of house.  Unfortunately BT will not learn from this as they are so internally focused. 

What a fiasco!

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Re: BT Cloud update not working

Further to my previous post.

I used system restore to return to previous version of BT Cloud (v 17-3-0-46).

This works ok - BUT - as soon as BT cloud starts it wants to update, if you try and defer the update it says you must update and closes the program.  I too spoke to the help desk, not very helpful, they were aware of problems and were looking into it. When I mentioned previous version it is no longer supported. So hard luck basically.

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Re: BT Cloud new client version failed

I have the same problem the tray icon gives We’re initialising metadata, which may take a while.

Please be patient....


for how long the Task manager showed 0 cpu but is now running at 61%!

when will this be fixed or can we go back to a working version?

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Re: BT Cloud Update. Today 1.12.20. Unable to access account via Desktop shortcut.

I have exactly the same issue and my disc is 100% utilised and I suspect that whatever the update has done the BT Cloud is having to sync all the files on my computer.  I have no idea how long this is going to go on.  Some warning would have been great!!!!!

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Re: BT Cloud new client version failed

Similar problem here re Desktop client, just doesn't run although task manager shows it as BTCloud. However right click on black cloud in system tray hidden icons and select Launch Cloud takes me to BT Cloud web page where after logging in I can view all files. Black cloud icon only has two options, Open BT Cloud sync and Launch Cloud. Just tried adding file to one of my BT Cloud folders on my PC and it got uploaded. So looks like the functionality is there but the problem is with the app interface.

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

I have no icon displayed in the tool bar or any where else for that matter.  Also, what ever has happened has also slowed down my lap top.

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BT Cloud Upadte - Come On BT Tell US What You Are Doing - Shambles

It seems like many others the BT upgrade for the cloud was a disaster, rather than upgrading it from my PC it removed it from my PC. 

I then tried calling BT but there are no options for you to speak to someone, in the end I called the cancelation number just so i could speak to someone. 

When I finally got to speak to someone they told =me that a lot of people had the same issue

I use the BT Cloud for work and all of my files are kept there so this is a nightmare for me,  come on BT please tell us what you are doing about it, this update clearly was not thought through and the consequences I am sure are having a great deal of impact, please stop burying your heads in the sand!!!





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