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BT Cloud app

I have an iPhone 11 and use the BT Cloud App but it won’t back up and hasn’t for ages. It scans and finds files to back up but then just stops. I’ve tried on my Wi-Fi and at other people’s houses and even tried using my data but same result 

I’ve tried contacting BT before and never received an answer. 

the app is fully up to date and I have tried deleting and downloading again but same results 

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Re: BT Cloud app

BT knows it’s an issue. I have been chasing it since the backend of June when I too got an iPhone 11. If you want a depressing read of my comms with BT it’s within the ‘ BT Cloud Continually Backing Up’ thread. I’ve lodged a complaint with BT tagged against the issue. I doubt there’ll be a fix anytime soon. 

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Re: BT Cloud app

Thanks for that. Your answer doesn’t surprise me at all. I’ve tried to contact them a couple of different times and just been fobbed off. 

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Re: BT Cloud app

This is not a fix. But if you’re lucky, and it’s a Wednesday and it’s not raining, this may work and backup your files. Your going to separately back up your Contact, Photos and  Videos.

Turn off the automatic screen lock - set it to Never.
Make sure you’ve got a good battery charge, or better still plug the phone into the charger. (Not sure why it should make any difference but that’s what BT suggested)

Open the app.

Go to ‘Settings’ then ‘What to backup’.

Select just Photos say. Then go back to the menu within the app and select Home.

From there click on the cloud icon and force a backup.

Then wait while the app flicks through your entire photo collection.

Eventually when it finds a file that it hasn’t backed up you’ll see the increasing purple bar as the file is uploaded.

With luck you’ll get a green tick when it’s all done.

Then do the same with your videos and Contacts.

The frustrating thing is that it doesn’t do this automatically. And most of the time it does nothing at all.

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Re: BT Cloud app

Brilliant thanks for that. That seems to have worked. What a farce though. 

thanks for the help. 

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