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Re: BT Cloud continually backing up

Best of luck - I sent e-mail on 7th July, had automated reply to say they would respond in 10 days.

I’m still waiting 

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Re: BT Cloud continually backing up

Hi Oldchap and others,

Got this e/m back.

Thanks for contacting the BT Cloud app development team. This is an automatic reply to let you know we’ve got your email. You'll only recieve this automatic message once.
We normally respond to emails within 10 days, however if we’re exceptionally busy it might take longer before you hear back from us.
Don’t want to wait?
You can call our dedicated BT Cloud support team on 0800 500 3114. The lines are open from 9am to 9pm on Monday to Friday, and from 9am to 6.30pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Called number and got BT cloud phone department.

Moderator please have another try.




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Re: BT Cloud continually backing up

Does not look good. Read thread further

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Re: BT Cloud continually backing up

Hi pddco

Did you get your response on 3rd Aug.


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Re: BT Cloud continually backing up


An update. Got  a call from Emma on the BT Cloud team yesterday. Not a great deal of progress,  other than clarifying - again - what my issue was and what I’d done so far. Emma said she would raise the issue with ‘.. the Design and Development team’ and come back to me when they’ve had a look at it. I asked when that would be. But apparently there isn’t an agreement (SLA) as to when they must respond. Quite bizarre. I’ve got a fault reference. But Emma emphasised that I couldn’t ring the team directly. So I’m basically left thinking I’ll give BT a few days to  take a look and then ring 0800 500 3114 to see if my call history has been updated.  Not brilliant. 

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Re: BT Cloud continually backing up

But if you look at the second post where a moderator replied to me, he actually said to ring them direct!


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Re: BT Cloud continually backing up

Well yes @oldchap . In the not too distant past, there was a number you could ring for the team. But trying that number now gives different options, neither of which lead you to the Cloud team. Of the numbers I’ve tried I’ve found 0800 5003114 the most successful. But be careful. Sometimes I’ve ended up talking to the BT Cloud Phone team and they become very confused. Not sure if it’s a coincidence but I seem to get most success / helpful people if I ring after 6.00pm. 

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Re: BT Cloud continually backing up


Just called BT for an update. No progress so far as far as I/we know.

The first line chap confirmed my case was still ongoing but no notes from the Cloud 2nd line  technical support on progress.

Apparently I should've had a call back - I didn't - but it's flagged on the system as overdue. I should now get a call on Monday.

Oh and I've just noticed I can't get access to the BT Cloud on the web using Microsoft Edge (44.19041.1.0) - just get a blank page after logging in.  It works fine on Chrome. I reported this too. Apparently this is a known intermittent problem and may be sorted in the next week or two. No rush then.  

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Re: BT Cloud continually backing up


Okay, so BT Cloud is still not working as it should on my iPhone IOS 13.6.

BT didn’t get back to me on Monday (10th Aug).

So rang them today on 0800 5003114.

The short story - from the first line - is that my case ( tagged with the complaint)  is still active within the BT Cloud technical team but there’s delay in getting responses from them.

I’m being reassured that they will get back to me eventually.

Basically I/we need to simply sit tight and wait.

I’ll keep badgering BT once a week at least, unless I hear from them sooner of course. 

Meanwhile, while it’s being sorted, I’ve switched on iCloud backup of my photos and upped my storage for a small monthly fee. 

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Re: BT Cloud continually backing up


So, still no further and will raise another fault in the next day or so. 

I'm afraid BT's customer support seems sorely lacking.

It's compounded by the complete inability to talk to the product technical teams who  might very well be able to sort the issues out. First line try their best, but are limited by their diagnostic tools and standard questions. 

Meanwhile I've also emailed the cloud team directly But not holding my breath as it'll be at least 10 days before they get back to me  - according to the automated email.

Here's what went on today (14/8)

The person handling my issue/ complaint  - possibly within the cloud team? -  rang me back with a request from the BT Cloud technical team.

I was asked to try a backup with the following settings:

1. Connect my phone to a power source.
2. Keep the screen unlocked (set to never lock)
3. Open the BT Cloud App and keep it as the main screen
4. Set it to update Photos only
5. Force a backup by clicking the Cloud symbol.

Well I did that. And after 15 minutes or so the Cloud icon changed to green with a tick to show that the Photos had been backed up. This was the first time Id seen that, I reckon, since changing over my iPhone.

I was asked to do a similar thing for Videos only. They seemed to Backup too.

Remember though that all this backup should happen in the background and not need to keep screens unlocked etc.

Later in the afternoon  I got a follow-up email asking if I could confirm that backup was working okay. 

I decided to check again.

This time with the app and phone setup as normal. (App set to backup Videos and Photos, screen lock set to 30seconds and using the phone as normal). I opened the BT Cloud App. And no green cloud and tick icon.

The App wanted to resync / backup again. I clicked on the icon and we were back to the usual stuttering, pausing, and never getting to completion.

So as far I was concerned it wasn't working. I emailed back saying that it wasn't working. Never heard anything back. And at around 7.30PM got an automated email to say my complaint was now closed. Terrific. 

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