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Re: BT Cloud continually backing up

Hi Pddco

Thanks for update. Looking forward to my call back today. As stated strangely my error code has not occurred for 5 days. I will not mention this, and see what is said first.


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Re: BT Cloud continually backing up

Pddco and All,


BT called today as planned. First question,: Has your problem gone away? As stated I have now not had the error notification for 6 days. I asked why I was asked, and the lady said the partners, SYNCRONOSS had said my problem had been dealt with. Obviously yes it had. I asked what they had found, only to be told that that info was not fed back.

So my error has been fixed at last, not bad since 7th July. I am still looking for a manual to drive this new version20.3.10 as all documentation on web is still for old version.


Can anyone help.



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Re: BT Cloud continually backing up

Hi Chris

Good to hear you’re sorted. Sorry, can’t help with the docs though.  So, just over a couple of months then. Looks like one has to be in for the long haul when trying get stuff resolved. Oh well, here’s hoping.


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Re: BT Cloud continually backing up

Well today got prompt to install iOS 14

wonder what that will bring 


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Re: BT Cloud continually backing up

Apart from a letter in the post and text from BT saying they are dealing with my complaint, and apologising for the delay, there’s been no further progress as yet. The app is still not working as it should. It seems that the only way it’ll successfully back up is to turn off auto screen lock, have the app in the foreground and force a manual backup. Sometimes that’ll work. It’ll scan through all the photos, and if I’m lucky it’ll find the most recent ones and complete the backup. But most times it just stalls and sulks. All of this should of course happen in the background. But it doesn’t. Just need to be patient. Maybe it’ll get fixed.

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Re: BT Cloud continually backing up

Well, interesting call on Monday from someone  in the BT Email Technical team - They also look after the BT Cloud. They were chasing up my complaint, and were clearly on a mission to get the complaint closed down ASAP - solution or no solution. In summary they confirmed BT were having performance problems with their Cloud and Email service on Apple products. Not just iPhones, but iPads and Macs too.. And it wasn’t looking like there would be a solution anytime soon. In fact they suggested that it would be better - rather than wasting theirs, BT’s  and my time  following up the complaint - to simply close the complaint and follow progress through the BT forums! I reminded the person that the complaint was about the BT Cloud Service not working as expected, or advertised. And as the service provider BT was obliged to get it sorted. So the complaint should stand. That didn’t go down too well.  But it was agreed the complaint would remain active and a follow up call would be made in 28 days time to confirm whether or not the service had been restored. So at least there’s a complaint tag against the issue. But the saga continues...

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Re: BT Cloud continually backing up

I’m sure they want the complaint closed to help their figures!

I had an update to app earlier this week but no improvement - and yesterday I had a message “Your BT Cloud is full. Your last backup could not be completed because it exceeded your available storage.”

I went into the app & it show I’m using 17% so not sure what was going on


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Re: BT Cloud continually backing up

Just an update to say there’s been no progress with this issue.

The only way to get stuff backed up is manually.

Close  all apps, apart from the BT Cloud. Switch off auto screen lock. From the app settings screen select ‘what to backup’ and select Photos, Videos  etc in turn.

Go back to the Home Screen in the app and force a backup by clicking the cloud icon.

All your items will be flicked through and for any that haven’t been backed up  you’ll see the purple bar increasing.

Eventually you’ll get the green tick to say that the items are backed up.

It’s a pain. And you just can’t trust this to happen automatically.

I had missed a call from BT yesterday which no doubt was just a “ we’re still working on it” call.

Im sure thats only because the issue is tagged with a complaint. Very poor response from BT to be honest. It’s not been fixed since June. 

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Re: BT Cloud continually backing up

I should add that the issue has always been related to my iPhone 11  iOS 14.1 ( and 13.x before that).

iOS 12.x (on my 5S) worked fine though. Android and  PC are backing up fine too.

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Re: BT Cloud continually backing up

Well some good news (hopefully) , yesterday I saw in App Store there had been an update to BT Cloud.

Went on app, it showed all files (previously had to wait for scan) backed up a couple of new files & finished in seconds. Checked again today  & it showed backed up yesterday, no new files

So looks like it’s fixed



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