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BT Cloud folders not visible

Hi, this is my first post as I have just started using the cloud since getting the 100Gb upgrade. I have uploaded my Pictures and Documents folders from my PC running Win 8.1 approx 30Gb but when I view the contents in the cloud one of the folders under 'Documents' isn't visible along with the sub folders under it, all the other folder structure is visible with the associated files in them. Comparing the folder numbers and disc space used it's obvious everything has been backed up as they are exactly the same and if I just look at the documents view I can see many of the files which are in the missing folder structure mixed among the long list of files. Is there any way to refresh the view in the cloud app or some other way to generate the correct view of the folder structure. Thanks Steve.


As an update I have just been into my account via the web based cloud and can see everything so I suppose the new question is, if I try to refresh the view by uninstalling the cloud app on my pc then reinstall it will that have any sort of negative effect on the uploaded files, I'm assuming not but it took so long to upload 30Gb of data I don't want to mess anything up at this stage.

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