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BT Cloud is so slow, it's unusable

I got an email recently saying I get 200Gb of free online storage in BT Cloud.  Great, I thought - I'll use it to back up all my photos (144Gb).    So I installed BT Cloud desktop and set it to backup my Pictures folder. 


That was two days ago and so far it has only copied 17Gb out of 144Gb!   The PC hasn't been on all the time (eg not overnight) but has probably been on for about 8 hours in total.  So at that rate it'll take 64 hours to complete, so if I use my computer 4 hours everyday it'll take 16 days to complete!


I'm using a laptop running Windows 10.  I have BT Infinity and a speed test result shows:

Download : 25.80Mbps, Upload: 14.58Mbps.  


So, is BT Cloud really this slow?  In which case I can understand why they offer so much online storage as no one's going to use it!  Or is there something that's not right and I should be able to speed this up?


Also, it's crashing the PC: I close the lid to put the laptop to sleep then when I restart it doesn't start properly so I have to do a full reboot.  


I'd be grateful for some help.  Thanks

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Re: BT Cloud is so slow, it's unusable

Mine was running very slowly recently. I suspected a conflict between Google drive and so disabled Google drive. Now Cloud performance is fine. Might be worth checking

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Re: BT Cloud is so slow, it's unusable

Hi, I'm experiencing poor backup performance too...I have 105GB on a single directory to backup and it has been doing this for two days every file in sequence taking more than three seconds to upload.


Performance is the same if I turn off other concurrent cloud storage services like Microsoft OneDrive so I guess that is not the reason why.


I have a 76Mbps Infinity 2 package and I don't have and never had performance issues with my broadband before.


BT Support, how can we tweak the application performance in order to use a larger chunck of available bandwidth?



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Re: BT Cloud is so slow, it's unusable

That sounds about what should be expected - are you confusing bits and bytes?  That is a huge amount of data and, whilst the speed of the Infinity service is relatively fast compared to earlier Internet connections, it is still very slow compared to internal bus speeds on the PC.


You have an upload speed of 14.58Mbps (14,580,000 bits per second).  That is a spot measurement and isn't guaranteed to be sustained, but lets assume it is.  After 8 hours constant upload, doing nothing else that accessed the Internet, you could have uploaded a maximum of 8 x 60 x 60 x 14,580,000 bits of data to the BTCloud.  Thats about 420Gb (bits), or about 42GB (bytes) allowing for overheads of the various protocols in use.


If you had other Internet related activities going on (eg. browsing, streaming, watching iPlayer etc.) then 17GB seems quite a reasonable upload in the 8 hours you had the PC on - almost a third of the maximum possible if your 14.58Mb link was sustained throughout the entire time.


Although you switched the PC off overnight. you'll get closer to that maximum upload overnight, when nothing else is using the bandwidth available, so backup 3x faster.


Even so, 144GB of data will take about 100,000 seconds on your uplink speed.  That is 1667 minutes, or 27.8 hrs.  ie. More than a whole day - without using the Internet connection for anything else.  If you use the computer for only 4 hours a day, including other Internet activities, then your 16 day estimate isn't particularly unreasonable.


However, if you leave the computer on continuously for a few days, including overnight, then you'll get most of that 144GB uploaded.  After that, its only the new and changed files that need to be added to the BTCloud, which will occur much faster and you probably won't notice.


As with all backup services, that first backup where everything is being copied, takes a lot longer than subsequent incremental backups.  Don't put the PC to sleep when doing an initial backup.


Hope that helps.

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Re: BT Cloud is so slow, it's unusable

Thanks for your reply RKM, but the BT Cloud speed is absolutley not what I would expect - it's ridiculously and unusably slow.  I use Dropbox (for smaller amounts of data) so I know how long these things usually take.  


I didn't try disabling Google Drive, so I don't know if that would have made a difference (as someone suggested).


Instead I've tried using OneDrive and this is MUCH MUCH faster.  This evening I have copied over about 30Gb in a few hours - ie 3-4 times faster than BT Cloud.  This is using the same broadband, same computer, same photo files.  So I'll abandon the idea of using BT Cloud and use OneDrive instead.


Also I noticed today that what I DID manage to copy across to ICloud was all over the place, it seemed to have lost all my folder structure.  


Good luck to others struggling with the same problem.



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Re: BT Cloud is so slow, it's unusable

Belinda, I've just gone through the basic arithmetic for you, and the data load and bandwidth are consistent with the upload times you were getting.  You might think it slow, but that is as fast as Infinity gets at the moment.


As for your experience on OneDrive - 30Gb is a LOT less than 144GB.


On your 14.85Mbps uplink, you should be able to get 30Gb transferred in around 35 minutes.  It would take about 10 times as long, over 5hrs, if you meant 30GB and, again, if you didn't have anything else using the Internet connection.


That isn't 3-4 times faster than BTCloud, its just less data!

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Re: BT Cloud is so slow, it's unusable

I echo the OP's feelings, having just started again to try the BT cloud, having given up 3 years ago because it was so incredibly slow to do anything.  It still feels that way, despite now having infinity 2 with a fairly consistent 77/17 or better speed profile for at least the last 6 months, little else used and the computer left on 24 hours.


However, there appears to be a reason.


The Windows Resource monitor (press the windows key and type resource - it should appear as the first suggestion) with BTCloud.exe ticked is showing Network I/O as jumping from 0 to 2 to 4 to 17 or 18Mbps, but it spends a long time at 0.  Presumably this is because whilst it uses the full upload speed available, it stops after every file and takes a breather while the cloud acknowledges receipt and then says it is ready for the next file?


So what @RKM said about data transfer is fine for a single file, but for multiple small files (I am uploading photos) it is a  percentage of that theoretical maximum.  From the amount that mine has uploaded compared to teh theoretical maximum estimating the time it has had full use of the PC, 60% or less.


This is what the data transfers look like



2018-01-26_Network 2.png


To err is human, but to really mess it up requires a computer
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Re: BT Cloud is so slow, it's unusable

I had the same email, offering an increase to 200GB of storage.


To me, clouds are there for rain and nothing else, so I use a hard drive for back ups. It's fast, works every time and I know where it is at all times. If you need portable storage, get a Sandisk wireless flash.

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Re: BT Cloud is so slow, it's unusable

Completely screwed my Mac OS. Finder is unusable. The spinning beachball everytime I change a folder.

Unistalled it and wow, all is fine. AVOID at all costs!

Google Drive and Dropbox all work fine.

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