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BT Cloud issues when sharing files and folders on mobiles/smartphones

Hi all,


I've come across a few frustrating bugs/restrictions on BT Cloud when sharing files and folders with others, namely when the person you are sharing with is viewing and downloading the files on a mobile device/smartphone. Things I've noticed when sharing a folder full of photos/videos:



- The user is given a list of only the first 40 files in the shared folder, and scrolling down to 'load more' does not work. Thus, making it pointless sharing a folder with 500+ images.


- The user cannot see thumbnail previews of the 40 files in the list, meaning each file must be previewed individually one-by-one in order to see the content of each photo/video (this is also the case on a desktop PC). Which makes you think, if all 500+ images were to load correctly, would the user need to preview each one at a time?


- When an individual file is subsequently previewed and the user chooses to save to the camera roll on the phone, the image is saved in the poor preview-quality and not the actual high resolution image quality that is stored on BT Cloud.


- To download a file in its actual high resolution image quality, the user is told to tick the box next to the desired image in the list and then select the 'download' button, but nothing happens. No image is downloaded or saved to the camera roll on the phone. Furthermore, due to the lack of thumbnails as mentioned above, there is no way of knowing exactly which image you've put a tick box next to. This can be especially frustrating when the files in the folder are named 'image 001, image 002' and so on.


- To download multiple photos/videos at once (in high resolution quality), the user is told to tick multiple boxes next to the desired files and select 'download' which should download them all as a zip file, but again nothing seems to happens (on iOS devices zip files are practically useless anyway).



I'm confident I'm not the only person experiencing this, so I hope someone has figured out a solution, or an update to fix the above is being worked on by the brains at BT. The whole point many use cloud storage is so they can share photos/videos with family and friends.


Please do not tell me the download function for shared files/folders only works on a desktop PC because that is severely limiting the practicality of BT Cloud. Almost everyone now has a smartphone and wishes to export/download images directly onto their mobile phone/tablet in high resolution or, at the very least, the actual resolution that the image/video was captured in and is stored on the cloud service.


The above bullet points appear to be such obvious requirements for sharing features, and are readily offered by other cloud storage apps. I would very much appreciate some help/feedback on these issues and I hope many, if not all, of the points I've raised can be fixed by way of a simple update.






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Re: BT Cloud issues when sharing files and folders on mobiles/smartphones

Hi Imran,


I've found the trick here is to first add the photos to an Album, and then share the Album rather than the individual photos or a folder containing the photos.


When done like this, the Share link contains large thumbnails of each photo, which are viewable on mobile devices.


I've also noticed that BT have recently introduced a 'Download All' button to all share links, which gives a .zip file of all photos without the need to select the photos individually.


Better integration with iOS would still be good due to it not liking .zip files, and I also dont see why the thumbnail view for albums isn't used for normal share links too.




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Re: BT Cloud issues when sharing files and folders on mobiles/smartphones

Hi Joe,


Thank you for taking the time to reply. I tried your method of creating an Album and sharing that, rather than simply sharing a Folder. Unfortunately I ran into similar problems:



- When opening the shared album on an iOS device I still could not view any thumbnails, albeit they were much larger in size compared to the 'list' view you get when you share a folder.


- Once again, when I tried saving an individual image to the camera roll on the phone, the picture is saved in the poor preview-quality and not the actual high resolution image quality that is stored on BT Cloud.


- As mentioned already, the 'download all' .zip functionality is not compatible with an iOS device.


- It is a major pain in the backside to say the least. After having already synced hundreds of filed into a folder to then have to add all of those files again into a new album, this just is not practical especially if being shared from a mobile device/smartphone.



I'm sure there must be an easy fix to this. I can't imagine BT would offer sharing options with such limited functionality. Any help would be appreciated as I am trying to share several folders, each folder containing anything between 5 to 20 GB of photos/videos.



Thanks in Advance



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