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BT Cloud not syncing

Since the most recent BT Cloud update a few days ago have realised that syncing seems to be very very eratic. If a file changes the BT cluod app sticks at syncing with the yellow indicator. The only way to clear this is to restart the cloud app completely or restart the PC.  On then checking the file versions through the BT Cloud website it then seems the particular file has not been updated. This is not happening all the time but just most of the time.

Anyone know of how this can be resolved easily?



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Re: BT Cloud not syncing

Further update to this.

Since nobody had any suggestions I contacted the BT Cloud support team. After a number of calls in which they took control of my pc to make their own checks, including uploading a couple of log files. Bottom line is that they have no idea why it has stopped working, consequently folders and files in the backup section onmy PC have not been backed up now for almost a week. Interestingly if I drop a file into the BT Cloud folder this does backup

Very poor assistance I'm afraid.



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Re: BT Cloud not syncing

I too have this problem! Everything worked fine until last Friday - now nothing syncs (as far as I can tell). I'm using Windows 10. The app seems to be stuck on 'BT Cloud - syncing...' and nothing is happening. Help!

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Re: BT Cloud not syncing


Thought I'd let you know how things developed. First I tried uninstalling and then reinstalling. This worked initially, but the problem soon returned.

I then tried something a lot more simple. I right clicked on the BT Cloud icon in the task bar tray and selected 'Pause'. Waited a few seconds and then clicked 'Resume'. This worked and BT Cloud started working again correctly.

But and it's a big BUT. Everytime I restart my PC the problem comes back. Clicking the Pause and Resume works, but it is hardly a proper solution, e.g. it has not really fixed the problem. I'm assuming that this will continue until a new version of BT Cloud comes out or I drop BT Cloud altogether.


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Re: BT Cloud not syncing

Yes - pause and resume works for me too - but you're right - not really a solution, just a fix.

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Re: BT Cloud not syncing

New to BTCloud and this problem is visible immediately.  Yesterday I dragged a folder of 500MB with   692 files in 111 folders into my BtCloud sync folder and watched it syncing.  On the transfer tab I could see normal size files were going over quite quickly.  During the process it stopped 6 times - every time on a large file  (e.g. videos over 5MB).  Each time I removed the file from the sync folder, clicked on the sync tab, back to transfer tab and saw the upload had started again, and finally it completed.  Now I have 6 files too big to sync, but as I have only 2 devices I can put these in each sync folder separately.

Seems to me the problem is file size BTCloud can handle, plus upload speed - mine's not brilliant.  

Maybe BT could look at extending the timeout on sync uploads?  If they are listening that is.

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Re: BT Cloud not syncing

New to BTCloud but sync difficulty apparent immediately.  I dragged a folder 500MB with over 600 files in 111 subfolders into my sync folder and watched progress on the transfer tab.  It stopped 6 times, each time on a large file.  When I removed the file from the sync folder, clicked on the sync tab then back to transfer tab, sync restarted.   Finally finished, and I have 6 files on desktop too big to sync (e.g. videos over 7MB).  As I have only 2 devices I can put these in the sync folders both ends.  Whether they will backup remains to be seen.

Seems this is a files size issue, plus upload speed - mine is not brilliant, but usable.   Maybe BT (if listening!) could look at increasing the timeout on file sync?

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Re: BT Cloud not syncing

As an update to what I have found, I uninstalled and reinstalled and everything started working again. Then the probem came back and I found out the specific circumstances. I have a database file in the backups section and the application that uses that file updates the file whenever any change takes place, e.g. it can be 3 or 4 times a minute. I've found that if BT Cloud starts backing up that file, e.g. before the file upload has finished and the file changes again BT Cloud then stops and the old problem comes back.

I've found the only way to stop this happening again after after a reinstall (again), is to pause BT Cloud before I start using the database application and resume BT Cloud after closing the appliation. That way it does not try to upload another version while the file is in a state of change.

This never happened, by the way, before the last BT Cloud update. Real pain.


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Re: BT Cloud not syncing

This started happening to me on 23rd April. Numerous reboots of my PC failed to make sync work. I even clicked "Stop Backup" on one of my directories, then "Start backup". The folder then stayed permanently orange 😞

The Pause/Restart option mentioned above is the only way to make it work - otherwise whatever file I modify will not be backed up to the Cloud.

This is supposed to be automatic - ie make a change to a file and it will be backed up. Not any more. I suspect a BAD update to BTCloud software

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Re: BT Cloud not syncing

Has anyone got anywhere with BT with this problem ?    I have not had any of my files automatically  backed up since the start of April.  If I upload a file manually it transfers instantly. I have Infinity 2, so I've got plenty of speed and plenty of space in my Cloud allocation - so its nothing obvious like that.  It works OK with my phone, and backs up camera pictures fine, within minutes of hitting a wifi network.

But My PC is STUCK !!!


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