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BT Cloud on iPad

Thought I would give this a try as a means to transfer files between my Mac and iPad without the need for iTunes.




1. I selected my file on my mac and backed it up to the Mac device on BT Cloud ( I used a Mac Pages document for this).


2. I opened the BT Cloud app on my iPad.


3. In the devices section I could find the test Pages document I backed up.


4. I could select the document and view it in the BT Cloud app.


5. I could not see any way to actually open it in the Pages App of the iPad.


Is it actually possible to do this, can someone advise please?


Going the other way from iPad to Mac worked.


I could select the document in the iPad Pages App and Open In...  the BT Cloud App.


I could then view that document on my Mac and actually open it with Pages on the Mac.


Therefore, unless someone can explain to me otherwise, it seems that transfering between Mac/iPad and vice versa is strictly one way traffic.


If this is the case then it is no match for DropBox.


Perhaps the iPad BT Cloud App is incomplete and needs some work?Smiley Sad


Help please.


All the best

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