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BT Cloud problems after BT Sport setup



I've been using BT Cloud for a while with no problems, its set up on my two laptops and still working OK on them (using the download).

It was previously working on my android phone but I lost all settings and had to re-install the app after updating my OS (my fault, expected to have to re-install) but after re-installing the app accepts my username/pass but tells me I have to enable BT Cloud in the My Extras section of MyBT.

I tried installing the app on iPad, same problem - telling me to visit MyBT and enable BT Cloud in My Extras.


I visit My BT and in My Extras it shows me that BT Cloud is enabled, it tells me how much space I've used (not a lot)

There is a button to 'Go to BT Cloud' but clicking that takes me to an error page suggesting that its not activated.


It may (or may not) be related, but I've recently had BT Sport activated and can access it fine (On TV, app on iPad and Android, web viewer on the site) using my login.


As said above, the two laptops which were previously set up still work fine (using the previously installed BT Cloud download), but trying to set up on a new device fails and I can't access via the web.


Screenshots from web access:







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Re: BT Cloud problems after BT Sport setup

I have this too but it happened before I registered for BT Sport.

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