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BT Cloud - "Your BT ID is not eligible to use this"

Funny that, I just signed up for another year with BT and got this message, phone was going crazy forcing me to log back in and not accepting my login


So I went to desktop and to my BT and it says everything is down for "scheduled maintenance".


BT have also done this recently with the broadband service, assuming, I guess, that everyone goes to bed at midnight and does not need their services overnight.


Well some of us work a different pattern and need these things through the night!


I'm assuming I can't use the cloud to either back anything up or pull down any backups due this maintenance.


A message saying that rather than "Your ID is not eligible to use BT cloud" might have been more helpful!




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Re: BT Cloud - "Your BT ID is not eligible to use this"

Ok, now they've done the maintenance to make everything better, I can access cloud, but can't upload anything without an error message on completion?!

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