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BT Cloud sorting files on mobile devices

I have transferred picture folders to the Cloud by copying them from my Pictures superfolder on my PC into my BTCloud Synch folder on my PC. The folders automatically uploaded with the folder structure maintained. This was not possible for me using the BT Cloud auto backup facility.

The synchronisation was not problem free. If I copied the Pictures superfolder, the transfer onto the Cloud was erratic; all the subfolders transferred but many of the files in them were not transferred even after leaving overnight.

If I transferred the folders one at a time into my BTCloud Synch folder, then most of the folders transferred onto the Cloud without problem, even if they contained sub-folders.  One folder with subfolders did not transfer and I had to transfer the subfolders one at a time.

My folder structure and the files therein display satisfactorily in BTCloud on my PC.

I can view all the folders and files on my iPhone and on my Android Tablet. However the folders and the files are displayed in anti-numerical or anti-alphabetical order. So, for example, the photos of my wedding start with the cutting of the cake and they end with the arrival of the bride and groom for the ceremony.

Files on my PC are sorted by name and display correctly.

How can I change the order of display on my mobile devices?

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