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BT Cloud stops syncing after large files upload on Mac

Have a new M1 MacBook running BT Cloud 21.8.8 and macOS Monterey. Setup to backup relevant folders and it will start the backup, as soon as a large file (appears to be >100Mb) uploads no further files are uploaded. The app still show the syncing cloud icon but does nothing.

The large file does not appear if I login to the web front end and the only way I can get it to start again is to remove the folder from the backup on the app, delete the files from the web and then re-add the folders to the app. It will then start the backup again but stop when it hits the next large file. I did move the first file that caused this from the backup folder but it just stopped further on when there was a different large file.

Just tried it on an Intel MacBook running macOS Big Sur and BT Cloud 21.8.8 and it has exactly the same issue.

Any ideas?

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