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BT Cloud with low capacity systems?

Okay, before anybody tells me I shouldn't have bought such a system, I didn't, it was a gift and I cannot afford to replace it.

My HP laptop has a piddly little 32GB eMMC drive. This is so small it barely manages to allow me to upgrade Win10 and I have to install everything I can on a USB flash drive that's permanently taking up a socket. The drive can't be updated, I've checked. So I thought I'd use my 1TB of BT Cloud to free up some space, not for apps but for produced files like videos.

Seems this isn't an option because it not only refuses to allow me to install the Windows app to the USB, or my ext HD, but when it installs to my C drive, of which I struggle to keep 2GB free, it immediately sets about syncing everything from my cloud to my C drive, and turning off the sync folders didn't seem to persuade it not to! So I've had to uninstall it.

So my question is this; for those of us who cannot afford a laptop with a massive hard drive, what actual use is the BT Cloud? I know I can upload via the website, but that has a file limit of 500mb - no use to me when one of the files I need to get off the system is three times that!

BT need to update the app, surely, so that it can be installed to other than the C drive, which for many can't be viable.

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